Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's all about eating in Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Is a food heaven. After being deprived of good Chinese food for a good while, being in Hong Kong was like a massive eating spree. Every nook and corner there is something good to eat. (Depravity also induces your mind to think like all food is good :D )  My dream to go to Hong Kong involved a few crazy notion or things i always wanted to do

1) See a TVB star: Nope, hardly saw any
2) Eat HK egg tart: eat a few... Best was at this small place on Carnavon Street
3) See a Hong kong Police man and say to him "Ah Sir.": Yeap, did that hehehe and giggled like a school girl. Funny part is Ah Sir spoke perfect English!. < impressed >
4) Shop till i dropped: Yes! And after that when see credit card... After that, menangis kau kau ....
... and so forth however at such short time ... can only achieve a few lah...

Years ago ( like about 20 years ), my mom told me HK was dirty, people were rude etc... but i am totally amazed at the modernization blended with the old. I think their public transport rocks. Rude people - we can get in any country any time. But if space was not an issue - HK is my next most livable country. Besides Japan. Of course.

Before i left for HK, i did a lot of research on what's the best place to eat and all but i would say some are hit and misses. My advise for first timers - go with the flow. Some places are really over hyped i found better places to eat in tiny nondescript places.

The Misses .... 
I didn't have a super long stay in HK to try EVERY dim sum place, but i tried the one called Luk Yee teahouse in Hong Kong island. This place comes with some history.  Apparently the triads frequent this place a lot and one such person was murdered in broad day light in this tea house. Seems to be a popular tourist spot, lots of foreigners here. Menu comes in english but some how i fail in my order for Char Siew Pau.. Came out something else.
Hong Kong Day 3-006
Some Dumpling thing we had in Luk Yee
The Not so bad but a bit overhyped... 
Since the weather was freaking hot in Hong Kong, what a good excuse to try their desserts. There was Gong Cha and Cha Time there, but skipped that, every where you have that, i decided to try their famous Hui Lau San Dessert branches. You can see this any corner of Hong Kong, however i went to the Mongkok one, after wandering around in Lui Yan Kai, Goldfish street and what not.. All the shops of Hui Lau San is normally packed. You can either order take out or wait in line ( patiently ) to get a seat in the shop. Thankfully, we got our seat fast, and placed our orders. It's a place known to be serving Healthy Desserts. Mango is the key fruit served here if i am not mistaken. :)  

My travel partner likes samplers - because according to her "you can practically eat 3 types of dishes in one go". So she ordered the Mango sampler. Comes in a tiny wee bowl of 3 different ways to serve mango dessert. I dunno about her, but i was a bit shock the sampler was quite large!   She thinks it is okay. It was cooling on a super hot day.  
Hong Kong Day 3-005
Hui Lau San's Mango Sampler
I was a bit full from all the water consumed during my walk around Mongkok, so i decided for the Durian mochi instead... I am quite amused to find out that the Hong Kong people quite like durian desserts but judging by the fact they can stomach Stinky tofu, durian shouldn't be a problem.  
Hong Kong Day 2-004
Durian Mochi
Not bad, i expected stronger smells - but actually it was quite lite in taste.  It's not paste durian they use, more like pureed durian which i find nice but only wish the durian smell was stronger. 

Pretty Good, living up to expectations ... 
Then housemate swore by the Milk Pudding in the Australian Dairy place in Jordan. She says it is packed like crazy.  Day 2 saw travel buddy and me waking up by 8am to catch a cab to Jordan ( yes we are lazy , actually it is only a 10 minute walk from Nathan road ) The place was hard enough to find, we had to turn here and there but the Q in front of the shop was a dead give away. What is Hong kong famous for ( besides dim sum? ) Milk pudding of course. So after lining up for 10 minutes, we squeezed into this tiny tiny spot in the corner for some cold milk pudding.  It is is quite silken in texture and a hint of ginger inside, gets rid of any potential moo smell. Best eaten cold but you can ask for the hot version if you like.  Hong Kong Day 2-010

We sampled Australian Dairy's scrambled egg, which i suspect uses lard as well. Explains that why i was not hungry till after 1pm that day.  I am not really a fan of using animal fat to cook as i find it overwhelms the actual taste of the food. But the egg done, is quite nice. I still prefer my version without the lard!
Hong Kong Day 2-008

Things i ate between lunch and dinner that i thought rocked! 
Countless ice creams i ate in Hong Kong, but i love the one in Lan Kwai Fong called I SCREAM FOR ICE SCREAM!  It was so hot that day when i saw this shop, t'was like the movies ... i found salvation * big tears in eyes * .... I SCREAM actually is a quite little shop along Lan Kwai Fong where the shop is actually pretty sound proof the the traffic and over looks the street, so you can sit there , enjoy your gelato and the funky drink that i now cannot remember!  
Hong Kong Day 3-004

My favorite coffee brand, my night cap in Hong Kong. And i can still sleep like a baby after that...  No frills coffee,  Italian style.  Illy has a lot of small coffee places in Hong Kong. Quite sure KL has but wish they will open in PJ areas.  This one i had was the new shopping mall in Carnavon street.
Hong Kong Day 2-005
Quite tired of Chinese food one day,  on our last day in Hong Kong, we went to I-SQUARE to eat. ISQUARE is a new shopping place that you can see from the Peninsular Hotel' highest restaurant ( yes i had a RM400 dollar dinner there but unfortunately no pictures, shy!! to take photographs there ). Decided on japanese because nothing was really pleasing that day. One of the best yakuniku don i have eaten. Tender, flavorful and full of moo goodness :D  And extremely generous portion of moo as well.  
Hong Kong Day 2-006
Best trip ever made in 2011. Not to mention the stash of clothes, and food i bought from Hong Kong! :) Hope to make a return trip in 2012 to makan and shop more! 


  1. I love HK and your post makes me wanna go eat there. Sigh!

    Lovely pictures.

  2. Thanks!! As i write it, i so want to go back again! And eat more stuff!



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