Sunday, 8 August 2010

Jollibee - It taste better than it looks

You rarely see fast food posts on my food blog, because i am not normally i fan. I don't really eat McD's ( because i feel it tastes like plastic )  unless necessary and one of the rare exception is Burger King which has better patties in my opinion and KFC is not my fav since it has gone down the drain a long time ago.  Now at Manila, everyone raves about Jollibee, which reigns supreme compared to McD's. So one day, i thought i'd check out what's the fuss about Jollibee. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. While i have been eating a lot of food here, so far the verdict is out on what i think of the food at the moment, some were good some were ... so so. I think i still like European and Japanese food the most! China... er ... not so as well. Definitely this year, i will at the tag line to my blog as Eating diaries of a fussy cat.
Actually choice wise, they have a lot more options, there is sausage, rice(? - Rice is popular here ) and the usual burger with spaghetti or carbs of your choice. I chose the normal set and ordered Sarsi to go with since i was craving for Sarsi. Now Jollibee burger is small. If you have a big appetite, you need to order their "Champ" version. Since, it was pretty late, i am ok with the size.
I tot Catsup is a really cute word. Actually it is Ketchup but probably this is a quite a very Americanized word. Being very Asian and a bit Aussie, i always refer to this as Tomato Sauce. People look at me funny when i say that here - lol!
I must say the fries is nothing to shout about, i like the ones at TGIF or Chillies much better. However, the burger, is not bad. Doesn't look like much, pretty flat and all, but the patty doesn't taste plastic. I can actually taste proper meat here and well i think it is some form of meat!  Unfortunately, it would have been much better with some veggies inside. A slice of tomato or even some onions would have made it a lot better and also a lot more presentable than the above T_T. I kinda walloped this in about a minute. Luckily for me, i store a lot of fruits in my apartment, so this is okay.

Now, what you should not not not order is the Sarsi here. Lordy, it tasted like medication. The worse meds ever!! I thought it tasted like Sarsi from home but i was completely wrong. Poured most of it down the drain. *bleargh*.

I don't think i will continue to eat this often but if you want a quick and simple meal, this should be fine, though i am curious to try their beef mushroom rice that looks pretty okay. Jollibee is located practically in all malls and all buildings and they deliver.

Inasal anyone? :)


  1. Is it? But from its outlook, ma ma dei only wor... :P

  2. Lol, dun judge book by it's cover. It tastes better than McD's patties. But looks fugly

  3. You should try the rice sets..

  4. Where is it available? I'm in Manama right now but I can't see any jolibee.

  5. @Joyce:.. nah. i did try chowking'sweet and sour pork. finally!! something that taste chinese.
    @Bact: i am in manila. You are in dubai. dun have lah dubai

  6. But it looks quite miserable "flat" :(

  7. Should try Carl's Jr Burgers in Midvalley, it is totally different from all those fast food. Kinda expensive as they only make the burger upon ur order... really big burger and juicy too. ;)

  8. @mimi: It was. I squished it. But i still prefer it with more veg
    @poetic: Yeah i tried it before - a bit ex... but then i will go for that gourmet burger place in BSC like tat :)

  9. alright. it's time to update. i'm sure manila is much more interesting right?

  10. A little bit speechless on the presentation. Heheh.

  11. @jason: i know hehehehe disturbing isn't it



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