Sunday, 11 March 2007

Crocodile Farm @ Subang and too much eats

I had too much to eat..... It started off on Friday, six of us trooped to Ah Loy curry noodles in Taman OUG after reading Pasankia's blog- was good!! And Saturday was my mom's belated dinner celebration with my relatives. Resulted in me being very full and uncomfortable Saturday night. Had to drink Yakult today to clear off my tummy and settle it back to normal..

Somewhere in Subang- there are good restaurants even though they are "halal". This is on
e of them- called Crocodile Farm Restaurant. In cantonese - crocs are called "Ngok Yue". Fitting name isn' it? The restaurant is actually located in front of Holiday Villa and you need to get through that big park in Subang, navigate your way through bumpy roads to be able to see this place. Been here for a while- since i started studying in Taylors ( that was in 1993) i already remember it being here. My mom loves this place. Though halah- the food is quite tasty and portions reasonable. One thing you must note this place is very popular with Japanese families for some reasons.

Anyway it was mom's b'day, and she wanted to treat her sisters and all. A good way to spend time together so we all trooped there. Part of the reason is the food serving is huge and i have relatives that eat quite a bit. So more value for money.

I didnt get alot of good food shots, we cramp 15 people into one table- we had 7 dishes, so between squeezing my self in and out to get my camera and eating my food, it was tough. Neko Otousan thinks neko is acting TOOO Toursity!

Before i show the pics of food- have a look at their outdoor aquarium! They have a mini aquari
a running there. Impressed my nephews.

This is I believe a lobster. The water in tank is actually COLD. First time i have seen a restaurant that puts cold water in the tank. Guess lobsters are cold water crustaceans. I did not order this dish btw.

Close up of the crustaceans - check out their feelers....

This giant sized garoupa - not sure whether you can eat this but i guess it is possible. Slice it up and steam.... wonder if the meat is tough for such a large fish.

Ok this is a strange looking creature with a even stranger sounding name. The left aquarium houses Geoducks. Looks nothing like a duck but actually is a mollusk that lives in the cold waters of the pacific(?) ocean. Next to is what my mom calls PEE-PEE Prawns or Lai Liu Har! Big funny scrambly little things.

What i like about this place - is the view. Overlooks the subang lake and though the apartments are unsightly- it is very peaceful and tranquil here. The lake front view.................. Oh... this place is also infamous for cars rolling into the lake. On the more sinister side of this place- 3 years back- someone rolled his car into the lake and he was in the car itself! I think that was not the only incident at this place but ... anyway.... all places have their freaky stories.

A shot in the restaurant-No air con but very airy.

My last few shots of the food! Like i said only 3 shots- wasnt fast enough... but some at least :)

Ah my most favourite dish in large restaurants- Sei Yit Fun or Four Seasons..... I dunno why but every big restaurant i go this is my most favourite dish. It is a combo of everything. From left clockwise- there is the Salted egg stuffed with crabstick and ho see. Egg wrapped fish, with carrots and mengkuang. Deep fried fish paste dipped in chilli sauce. And my all time favourite- Gwai fah chee... Normally after this dish, i am stuffed.

Mom's favourite dish- tau foo tau kan :). Quite tasty. Sauce is good with rice.

Neko Otousan's fav-crispy chicken. Lots of potatoe chippies added served with plum sauce and pepper/salt mix. I like this too.

That's the last food shot could not help it as i had to balance with eating and shooting pictures and fighting for my food. We all had a great time all 15 of us. My cousins were laughing about "FOO faxing" in the modern times and even a website for you to tar siew yan!! Like one of my cousin says, it's been a long time everyone sit's down to catch up..

Location: Restaurant Crocodile Farm
Address: Subang Jaya

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ****

Service: ***
Price: **, Not cheap can be pricey
Will Neko come back here: Yes for big family occasions.

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!

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