Saturday, 30 June 2007

Restaurant Stadium Negara @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

I am always a substitute date to NY, when he goes makan with CG&FF and TC with LE. Hehehe, he says that he feels left out and doesnt want to bring his kids to these makan sessions because they wont enjoy it and he wont enjoy it. I dont mind as sometimes they go to really interesting places...

Well- sometimes... Initially CG suggested a Kopitiam in bangsar... NY,TC, LE and myself went.. "EH???" is that a bit a cheapo or what? This was followed by frantic SMSes and and phone calls about the location when.. TC managed to convince CG to go to Restaur
ant Stadium negara. Woohoo, me happy. Heard a lot of this place and it's wireless steamboat. Ano............ never mind. Pictures will paint a 1000 words. :)
This place is located in those old bungalows along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and parking and Traffic sucks. I paid RM5 for parking but did not have the hassle of moving out my car during the dinner. Was hoping for Aircon but NO....................... the steamboat people have to eat outside. :(. One thing i observed, there are alot of foreigners who visit this restaurant. Japanese, china chinese etc.. fill this place. Must be yummy then... First up- .. Chicken wings????? (Be prepared for some seriously lousy photos - as clever one here forgot to turn on auto image stablizer feature )
I dont mind Chicken wings- they are rather tasty but this one i find so so. I have eaten much more tastier ones. (home cooked or otherwise). Despite that, i had 2 pieces. Things i dont really fancy appeared next. Clams in Garlic & Chilli. Everyone declared it a winner... Pass for me but it looks really pretty to take photos of... juicy looking fellas. Walloped by the rest in a matter of seconds...

oOoOOh my favourite appeared next.. CRABS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big ONES. Check out the size of this MAMAS...... The sauce... the crabs.... Drool worthy.. my eyes were big as 50cents when i saw this :) Now, with that amount of sauce... it deserves some mantous and 6 big ones came my way. I am not sure whether i was more happy to see the sauce and mantou or the crabs. Anyway.. i had ALOT Of sauce. Till my shirt also decided to partake in the sauceThe mantou and a body part of the crab. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... umaizou.. Since there was not enough buns, i ordered more! Took some time for em to come.. maybe must be steaming away.
Well after the second bun, i was already bursting @ the seams, but then here is where the infamous wireless hot pot came. It's wireless or should be pipeless because this is charcaolled styled steam boat. Your hot pot is placed under a burning ambers of charcoal. I find it cooks slower and there is a danger of charcoal bits flying around :). I am not sure but this fish noodle thingy is so darn popular... but i hate it.. >_<
Bubbling away. This is one very tall hot pot.


The cooking seems a bit long. I think i waited and waited and waited for it to be cook. Frankly taste wise of the steamboat- i think Ho Ho is the tops! This one to me was so-so only. Maybe because i was extremely tired that day from all the harassment @ work so every thing tasted not too good. But cannot be what. Crabs came out TOPS! Further more it was pricey! for 6 of us, we paid RM51. I was like o_O. I told them "EH ONCE IN A WHILE ONLY!!"

I had good company, many thanks to the people i am with :) good laugh and a lot of "where do we go next" planning. Thanks guys. What will i do without u all?

Restaurant Name
:Restaurant Stadium Negara

Where: Jalan Yap Kwan Seng - after Ambank some more - cant miss it if you come from public bank direction it is on your right

Other people who reviewed this ( with a big advance thanks for linking first )
* KL People KL Food

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ***
Service: **
Price: **, Pricey!!!!
Will Neko come back here: Thinking about it
Does Neko show MSG intolerance after eating here?: A bit.

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good

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