Sunday, 22 April 2012

Surisit Kopitiam- Thai food junkie in me

It's no secret, i like thai food a lot. Probably because the amalgamation of different type of flavors and textures, if anyone says "Thai Food" for lunch or dinner, i am game.  While i have been to the mildly up end Thai establishments in KL ( Basil Leaf, but not Erawan or Rama V)  I am always on the hunt for more simple Thai food and ones that don't kill my pocket. And serve Moo too :D { Thai for Pork ) and i am pleased Surisit exists for this purpose.

Surisit - is located in the depths of TTDI, along where Penang Village is. And behind Artisan Roast. I am liking this area a lot because it is quite and has a varied variety of eating places.  Do not expect this place to be fancy, it is a simple Kopitiam yet clean and run by real Thai people. The deco throws you back to 2 decades, with medicinally smelling and drinkable green and red Fanta. { Brother tried Green today and declared it tastes like cough syrup  } and his campy 1980's GREENSPOT drink.

Typical condiments from Thailand. The dry chilli flake is pretty awesome. Goes well in practically anything. I like this a lot with my fried noodles as well. :D 

One of the specialties in Surisit- their Moo Thod Gapi. It's fried pork lor coated with some asian herbs. Pretty addictive stuff. And i was wondering how come i did not come across this in BKK?? #feelscheateditellyou. Rice is served in big aluminium pots so you can eat as much as you like. 
Behold! Moo Thod Gapi ... yumz
Surprisingly we had an order of Prawn. Lil Bro R-A-R-E-L-Y likes to order prawns because he is the kind that does not deal well with shells.  However i realized why when i saw the prawns later. Cooked in tumeric, curry and all, this is one dish that swipes the rice clean.  Note: however, it is not potent. Prawns were sufficient, though i thought there was more gravy then prawns!
While the other 2 dishes was a hit ( can't remember if i ordered Tom Yam ) i did find their stuff chicken wings dish a bit of a let down. It felt a bit un-cooked in my opinion.

For desserts, we had the sea coconut with longan. Was ok nothing really to shout about. Didn't get to try the red ruby dessert because i was pretty stuffed as well.

Overall price wise, Surisit is not that bad - definitely below RM100 for 3 persons drinks included. I like the simplicity of the food without having to fork out a lot of $$ to eat decent thai food.  If i want slightly fancier but still reasonable- i will head over to Smokehouse, they have the best Chor Ladda out of Bangkok!

The Locale:
No 17, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr Ismail



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