Sunday, 27 February 2011

Coffee Chemistry Cafe @ Sunway Giza

Although, i am a morning person, i feel that my day does not start without a good cuppa. My love affair with coffee started when i was probably around 8 with the traditional white coffee. Ah... i remember the sound of the percolator bubbling every morning and the smell of freshly ground white coffee permeates the house.  My parents are and still avid coffee drinkers themselves, so it is quite rare to find anyone in the clan not liking coffee. While the percolator has been now replaced by Nescafe Expresso ( now only found in Australia. Sadly ), i never miss my early morning pick me up. A me without coffee is not a pretty sight, i tell ya.
Coffee Chemistry Cafe 002
Coffee Brings a Smile :)
As i grew older, traveled more, i discovered that each country has different styles of coffee.  Australia has a flat white, which i can't find here. I think i really loved the ones in Italy, which i drank 3 times a day for my 14 day trip there.   And i am seriously fussy with coffee. No Old Town Coffee, no 3 in 1.After that, Starbucks and Coffee Bean really tasted commercialized compared to Illy or Lavazza.  ( Starbucks is drank in desperation * hahahaha * ).  Mamak coffee is really really bad! While UCC is ... er....not sure, so far they have not vowed me yet.

And i still search for that one good cup once in a while.  While in Manila, i find that Caffe Ti-Amo is quite good, in KL, ( while i cannot get my White Coffee), i think Coffee Chemistry Cafe comes up top.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe is owned by 2 of my friends from my ex company, one i know since year 2001, the other a member of our OD gang.  I salute the fact they are brave to take a step to set up a business as you know it is tough for businesses to survive. However, Malaysians love coffee, so i think they will do fine. CCC as it is know is located in Sunway Giza, right above ... Movida and next to Full House
Coffee Chemistry Cafe 004
Yes, that sign does not say CCC, Cubic Platforms and CCC share the same place. Hopefully, by the time, i write this, the sign is up!  And how is cubic platform involved? You can buy HTC phones, Iphone accessories in the same place and get a cuppa at the time. 

Coffee Chemistry Cafe 005

CCC's coffee brand is called Graffeo, from San Francisco ( with some Italian roots ), hence the smell, is similar to the coffee i had in Italy. Besides serving coffee, CCC also is a small restaurant serving light meals and mains. So, the last time i was there, Bro and i had our coffees, plus under the suggestion of the owner, we tried some of their light snacks.
Coffee Chemistry Cafe 001
I think the above was the Roasted Almond Cappuccino. With a sunny smiley face.  CCC's coffee art is quite interesting and unique. A quick a google and i found there are some really elaborate coffee art their barista is capable off. In fact, i think it is one of the attraction of the place, with different types of coffee art. True enough when the drink came, everyone whips out their cameras to take photographs of it. Bro says the coffee is quite good.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe 007

Since, it was a hot day, i prefer the Affogato. The word affogato - means drowned in Italian. And my first time trying this was surprisingly .... in Poland! Simply, it is a shot of espresso with vanilla gelato poured or drowned on top. While some people like their coffee plain, i like my coffee in any form. ( Even in ice cream form ) CCC serves theirs already "drowned" but hopefully later they can let you pour the espresso on the cold ice cream.  Drowning aside, the affogato is delicious and reasonably affordable. It costs only 6.90 for the drink.

We had a light tea, i heard the pies in CCC were quite good ( quite Aussie in style, ) so we tried the Chicken Pie. Alas, i forgot to shoot before the food came, hence it is shown the picture of my brother already digging in.  The pastry light and the filling is quite plenty full, with lots of mushroom, chicken ( of course ) and vegetable. By the time i finished my affogato and some of the pie, i was quite full -_-"  ( small stomachs make poor food bloggers )
Coffee Chemistry Cafe 006

Mashi's drink didn't make the pictures, flash was dodgy hence sorta blurry pics but it was the cold version of Lil Bro's drink, which she says it was good but if stronger almonds were used, it would be even much better.

Overall, I am quite impressed that their tiny kitchen, can whip up pretty good food for a reasonable price. It is not simple food they are whipping up, i remember seeing pasta, fish stew and a few other dishes which is quite a feat. The menu and drinks don't go up to RM20 per item. In total, our drinks and pie, just reached RM31, only.  Affordable  for youngsters as well as families. I would like to go back and try other stuff in their menu.

Congrats to my 2 friends on the opening,  here is more great coffee times. In the mean time, Caffe Ti-Amo will serve me well in Manila. :) And damn, i am quite tempted by some of the phones here.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe 003

P/S: this is not a paid review. 


  1. I didn't get to try their coffee but enjoyed their pizza and the pie. Yummy food. Will return for the coffee esp that smiley face.

  2. Food is good, i heard the menu designer works in Perhentian. Simple but nice food. Lol, ask for the smiley face coffee art.

  3. only been to sunway giza once in my life.. that was when sending someone to that place only, spent only 5 min in that place.

    Still in Manila? I just got back from my trip and still feeling really tired. :(

  4. Went at 10pm the other day, and the cafe was closed already. Surprisingly.
    Ended up at Fullhouse for some funky coloured beverages.

  5. @j2kfm: Describe Funky :P ... yeah maybe they ran out of food kwa.

    @bact: lol yes i am still there. Sunway Giza is nice. But ... i think restaurant turnover here pretty high. My poor bandung food place gone :(

  6. nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  7. the coffee look nicer ler..

  8. I live so near Sunway Giza and I've never been there. Will try it out...

  9. Em funky like some unknown ingredients and bright colours? Hehehe



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