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Waroeng Mas Timoer @ Sunway Giza ( A rare post with "No Pork")

As i am writing this post, this food blogger is suffering from a affliction common to many food bloggers. *Stomach ache* It's probably from the eating sessions over the past 2 week since i came back from Manila (Christmas hols only) and definitely not from the food below as this was like a super old post. Everyone feeds me well when i am back :D and i have eaten in pretty awesome i restaurants in KL. Going back is gonna be a toughie. Maybe I can import my mom to cook daily for me there and import my chef friend to cook full time for me! Yeah, say good bye to Jollibee! I am kidding, i hardly eat Jollibee unless necessary and have taken a preference to cooking on my own rather than eating out. BTW this posting is like from October ^_^ I know, i know, still within my 3 month SLA.

The original plan was to try the acclaimed Uncle Prawn. Anyway, this post is a gem of a place serving Sundanese food of West Java. I love Indonesian food actually. Probably  because of the spices are close to Malaysian food.  And this place sits in Sunway Giza Mall called Waroeng Mas Timoer. While Movida and all were right smack in the center, WMT is slightly in a quiet corner, actually i didn't notice it except for the wayang kulit (Golek is what is called in Bandung ) figure on top and then seeing the word Sundanese food, we made a bee line for this place. If you have been to Bandung and love the food, you will like this place. Pity i didn't recall any Batagor, or Bakso :P otherwise i would have ordered more. For those who are a fan of Teh Sosro, yup you can find it here. Funnily enough when i was a kid, i thought Air Bandung originated from Bandung but when in bandung, i hardly saw any. 
Warong Mas Timoer-00
A rather comprehensive menu
We both ordered separate sets so that we can try different things but ended up with a similar items in our dishes. Sundanese food is famous for their fried fish, if i recall, because of the way the fish is fried, it kinda looks like a frying fish, and their fried chicken, which is Penyet, fried and smashed ... is quite good. Not as oily as KFC but just as tender. Condiments that usually come with the Sundanese food is this array of chilli sauces. Note: The green one behind is quite hot! I tot it was like the Hainanese chicken ginger chilli with salted vegetables.

Warong Mas Timoer-002

My Brother ordered the Nasi Timbel which comes with this funny looking rice package in a tube of banana leave. Nasi Timbel ( which you can see commonly in Bandung ) comes with an assortment of prawns, beef rendang and  chicken. Er, doesn't look too clear here sorry. Hungry! The chicken is quite tender but the beef was a bit tough in my opinion. I can't remember a time i ate cooked veggies in Indonesian food, ( they probably have ) but most dishes here are accompanied by Ulam or raw veggies.
Warong Mas Timoer-005
One of the best soups we had in Bandung was the Sup Buntut. So, when it was on the menu we ordered it. It's actually Ox tail soup. Buntut i guess being the end part of the cow and not the ass.  The soup serving is quite big. Actually you can even eat this on your own with just rice as it has veggies in it. The herbs give the soup quite a nice flavor but i loved the one in Bandung better. Comparatively less oily then the one i had when i was there, i find this one lacks the kick of the one in Bandung. Maybe it is the herbs which i prefer it to be stronger. But nevertheless it was still good soup to eat. In fact the rainy days in KL will make this quite a hearty soup. It's quite easy to make, i only balk at touching and cleaning the ox tail -_-"
Warong Mas Timoer-003
Sup Buntut
I have my fried chicken rice. Think it was penyet and i love my smashed chicken. Funny. i think i am chicken person. I love Philippine's Inasal chicken, South Africa's peri-peri chicken and Indonesian's penyet is also one of my favorite.  Malaysia? Probably Ayam Masak Merah is my favorite. Ok, one thing about the sauce. As docile as it looks, it packs a punch. Poor me thought it was going to be as un-fiery as dhal. I walloped my Ginger tea faster you can say "boo". Chicken's quite nice though, not sure how they fry it without making it dry.
Warong Mas Timoer-004
Note that portions are not tiny, i was quite stuffed by the time i had the soup + my own chicken rice but we decided to try the banana fritters from Waroeng Mas Timoer. Not bad. Not over fried like the local ones, feels like eating tempura bananas.Quite nice, Chocolate sauce adds a good taste to this.  Banana not being my favorite fruit is always ... meh to me.
Warong Mas Timoer-006

It's not a bad place to eat, not very pricey in my opinion. But the crowd was not that large. I think was only me and my brother @ 6:30pm but luckily around 7 plus, more people started to come in a bit.  Hope this place stays on, i think having Indonesian food around is not too bad from the usual western and Chinese stuff and adds a bit of variety. [Not food plug, just like the food that is all]  Oh, if you all like Indon food, kota damansara seems to have a lot of Indonesian food as well. There is Uma near Nikonian Academy which i heard serves.... Babi Guling. ( To the not familiar: Babi Guling comes from Bali )

Other blogs on Waroeng are here and here
The location
B-13A Ground Floor
Sunway Giza Mall
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya


  1. Went to Giza few weeks ago but did not notice this.. Hmm. Probably it was night time and getting dark.

    You can hire your mom as your cook there in Manila. Ask her to quit her job here. :)

    I like indonesian food too. Gurame goreng..

  2. @jason: The Cook's pay quite high leh, must have regular shopping trips to UniQlo etc.. hahaha. Yeah Gurame Goreng is pretty good.You tried the Sundanese in KLCC? I heard it costs a bomb.

  3. Who is Jason? You were addressing him but you were answering my questions. Gee. Concentrate please.

  4. I've never been to Sundanese place before, heard before it's good. But I have been to another place, Balifeel at Sphere@Bangsar South, been there before? The sambal there packs a punch!

  5. @bact: sorry lah was reading Ipoh mali's blog on ytf... dont have to be so angry

  6. This post is not halal for me. How can??? Buta niku nai ......

  7. Erm... I heard my name. :p

    So you're back to the Pinoy lands already?

    I think I passed by this place few times but it was always empty! (on daytime lah)

  8. Eh actually I like Indonesian food too. In fact, I love food that's robust and strong in flavour. Not plain, bland porridge or soupy stuff, thank you.

    Never been to Giza (hehe, pathetic?) but KD's already overflowing with eateries.

  9. @Jason: yeah when i was there even during dinner, it's not really full. Hope this place does well, its really not bad the food. Yup i am in Pinoy land at the moment.

    @J2KFM: I know! Indonesian food is so flavorful! But you must try lah. You staying in KD? Yeah this place has pretty awesome food.

  10. Eh and I just went yesterday. Haha, saw that MyCookbook was crowded, as was Movida and of course.. Fullhouse.
    But we were the second table of customers there at Waroeng Timoer.

    The nasi Timbel was good, especially the SAMBAL! Hot esp the red one, the green one was still okay.

    Will be back for more.

  11. @j2kfm: いいね。。。



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