Saturday, 14 April 2007

Yukie Restaurant @ Sri Damansara

14/04 was my nephew's birthday. Happy Birthday Bren! :) Aunty hopes you had a great day and loves u very much! Did you know... he is born a day before the sinking of titanic. My other nephew- Jerrald is born 2 days before September 11 in 2001. I am not sure whether it is ironic or not.

But anyway, yesterday was my day with the relatives. I find them at times very comforting. It's good for everyone to sit down and just chat and laugh. So we trooped ( all the Subang relatives ) to Sri Damansara where my nephew stays. Cousin's house is located on a very tiny street in Sri Damansara.That's not Cousin's house- but one of the nice houses near her place.
This is Cousin's house- hehehe.

So went to this place near her place called Restaurant Yukie. It's tai chau style, no aircon serving simple chinese food. My cousin pointedly told the rest of us "No-air con ah". The restaurant was reasonably clean so we plomped ourselves down to chow down. There are not many pictures by the way cos the table was quite tight again.
Our dinner started with a disaster. My brother's cup broke while he was trying to take it out from another cup. These are the remnants of the cup. Luckily he didnt cut his hand.
The dishes came out pretty quick and fast. The four veggie dishes cooked in sambal came out after the soup. The dish has petai ( yum ), ladies fingers, long beans and some other veggie i cannot remember. A bit oily but really yummy. I rarely get to eat petai so i ate the most I can.
Before the petai, we were given a dish of house soup. It was my favourite- ham choy with tau foo and seafood(?). Very tasty- i had two bowls with rice as usual. Am soup rice person. If you are wondering why i took this as a second picture-....cause the rest of the food was being devoured by some relatives.Next, sizzling tau foo.... with eggs at the bottom. Not too bad. When the dish came, it was so hot, the sauce was popping all over the place.. Pity the guy carrying it.

Ok- this was not my favourite dish of the night. It is chicken cooked in wine with minced ginger. Very very oily and very salty. Plus it would be better if the chicken was in bigger pieces rather than diced so small. Cant figure out what part I am eating.The piece de resistance was the drummets cooked in belancan sauce. Very yummy but very little. I manage to get 2 because the other table we had could not finish.
The menu- now if i can read more chinese. I can only understand a smattering of it.

Didnt know how much the bill costs- but not too bad for eats. Also DID not get the address of this place but I will once i ask my cousin.

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