Sunday, 2 March 2008

John King Egg Tarts - One U

I lup egg tarts. My All time favorite snack/dessert and what not. So, I was very excited when i saw that John King's egg tarts opened up a small branch in One U. (Near the old asia cafe)... Since lunch was not so satisfying, i decided to buy some eggie tarts to try. Now i heard they have many flavors besides the usual plain flavored but u know me, i like the original. No weird variations for me. I heard this is supposedly from Hong Kong, so all the more excited i was ...since Egg tarts originated from hong kong. Btw, i tried googling for this John dude, i only ended up getting results from KY Speaks, masak-masak, fooxion but not about the Original John king. (LOL), Anyone finds it, please let me know.

I bought 4 egg tarts, 1 BBQ Chicken Pie, and 2 Siew Pao. Just in case you think that it is only selling egg tarts, there is also "wife biscuit" and "hap tou sou" being sold. All a bit pricey i think. Total for all this was RM12.60.

So now comes the all important task. The taste review........

I didn't know there is a variation of pastry. This one i picked was the biscuit pastry style. I much more prefer the flaky pastry kind to this one. Made me feel like i was eating a miniature lemon meringue pie. :) The egg custard was strong in vanilla smell. Don't get me wrong. I like vanilla but i love the tong kee style better. Strong in Egg smell not vanilla smell. Dad, didn't really like this as he thought it was too buttery for him. ( Sigh ... him and his butter war ). Suprisingly lil' bro liked it..... Talk about different tastes in the family.

My dad thinks the B stands for butter here not barbeque. Hehe. I sometimes pity him, butter smells to him like what durian smells to people who do not enjoy it. Again, this one not so good the review.

Finally the siew paos. Ok, this one is not bad. Please note this is a halal establishment so don't be thinking there is some porker in here. To replace the texture of what you get from "char siew" they put mushrooms inside. Which both my dad and i enjoyed. This one gets our Paws Up vote. But, to be real honest, this taste much better if it is not halal. However, i guess to cater for a wider taste, there is no choice.

Overall rating: So-so only. I don't mind the siew pao but i think i prefer my tong kee eggies compared to this one. Or any other Egg tart in a Dim Sum establishment. Good egg tarts look like this -loh. I might go and try their other flavors just to settle my curiosity. *meows*

To the curious,John King is located at:

LG203A, Lw Gnd Flr
1 Utama Shopping Center
No 1. Lebuh Bandar Utama, Damansara Utama.


  1. hi, came across from sugar bean.

    thier tarts are quite expansivee but i still wanna try on them. heard that there is a variety of flavorsss

  2. Ooo, didn't know they have one at 1U already, very nice tarts.

  3. I like their pie especially their char siew but I think the tarts are average but lots of flavours, green tea, teh tarik, eggyolk, egg wgite, coffee, sweetcorn etc! texture a bit flimsy

  4. I love their tarts and pie! ;P
    perfect for tea ;P

  5. ai wei: ah.... yeah their tarts are pretty ex. But i always believe must try once :)

    ky: yeah.. jez open onree. But their range smaller than Pavillion one.

    BBO: i agree, their pies r better. The egg cannot beat tong kee one!

    Christine: hehehe you must be a eggy tart fan!

  6. best, thanks! :D

  7. Tar pau them from Pavilion to KL Sentral last time and it was all snatched up by colleagues within 5 minutes.

  8. ky: No prob. :)

    Bacterium: Your colleagues sound like mine...



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