Sunday, 24 February 2008

Hong Kee Tim Sum @ USJ 9

Before I got sick a week ago, Dad decided it was time to try Hong Kee Dim Sum. My big saucer like eyes got to him sometime ago. The famous Dim Sum that appeared in a lot of blogs, on Angel's One day 5 meals. When it first moved to USJ we decided not to rush there and queue with everyone else to just let the "new toilet" (Canto for "Sun Si Hang") effect go away.

About 3 months after, it is still pretty crowded and packed at 9:30am in the morning. It is our usual second breakfast since we wake up about 6:45 every sunday. First breakfast is about 7 so by 9:30 after our morning market we are usually hungry.... I can hear one of my cousins yelling to me " THIS IS NOT LORD OF THE RINGS" where second breakfasts are coined from. Anyhoo......

I was sent down to do the honors of getting take out. So i ordered the usual Char Siew Bau, siew mai and fish ball for everyone. The must haves :)

I must say i am a tad disappointed in the taste of this branch of Hong Kee. Our first choice the Siew Mai was ok. I wouldn't call it fantastic but it lacked that "oomph" you get from Siew Mai after the first bite. The skin was a bit too thick for my liking. I prefer the ones in Tai Thong or Oversea and even the one in SS14 Hong Lim( which is my fav by the way- cheap and nice). Don't throw baos at me it is merely my taste bud thinks it is not so good.

Mom's fish balls since she doesn't really like pork to begin with. Too floury for her taste and the first taste is not there. I think i got conned as well. I asked the guy one plate how many, he told me three but when the order came, dua only :(. Neko not happy liao.
This was not so bad. The CSB. Soft bun and quite large but a bit empty inside. Anyway, i ate it still. I am a sucker for buns. I normally like CSB with a mixture of fat and lean meat inside. This was not so bad. I kinda like it. Well, i was hungry anyway :P.

Compared to what other people reviewed about this place, have to say the price i paid for this was a bit atrocious as well. Though it was a bit after 4 days of new year, it was RM16 for just this 3 dishes. I am not sure if they counted wrongly or what but i was a bit taken aback. I asked Mashi what she thought of this place, her comments were not very favorable as well. Cousin of mine had the same review on the place. Oh well, i guess sometimes the hype does get to the place. I didn't think it was that special anyway. However, it could be just my opinion because the place was packed to the brim.

Anyway, i will try it again one day but not so soon. Hopefully I don't get charged so much and the food will be much better.

For those who are interested:

Restaurant Hong Kee Dim Sum
No.38, Jalan USJ 9/5P,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.


  1. I'm going to try it one day!

    But so far, the best one (and cheap) I've tasted is at Maluri here.

  2. Have yet to go to the USJ outlet. I guess the standard's not consistent at Hong Kee. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. another food blog i discovered! hong kee oh hong kee.... i have yet to visit this dim sum outlet.

  4. Yea, most of the time, food price rise during CNY, and some even bring it on...

  5. I can say I am salivating now, craving like a pregnant man! lol!

  6. Bacterium: Hmm, ok, let me know your comments. Might give this place a second try later.

    LL: i think i shall try the PJ one. Reviews there seem better.

    Ai Wei: Irrashai.... ( welcome ) Do try HK and let me know your feedback

    Celine: Agree, either that or i got con - according to my mom.

    BBO: You-ah... true Foodie leh hehehe.



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