Thursday, 23 August 2007

I lup egg tart

I think a good egg tart - can really make one's day :) Today's post is a short one, cause i am really sleepy and haven't done my slides for my account manager's training tomorrow.

Last weekend, dad went on a dim sum spree. There was pau's and tarts
in the house. Egg tart that is... :) The pau, i ate before i remember to take pictures. My rare moments of greediness. However, the tarts i remembered need to take photo... dad was busy getting them ready to be heated in the oven when i yelled "CAMERA" into his ear... think i could see hair stand on his head... hehehehe, he is still not too used to me doing food photography.

Anyway, he bought 4 tarts for the 3 of us, from PARKWAY in Section 19 subang. There is this lady who sells it every morning in the Restaurant Parkway. And they are as good as the ones in Tong Kee ( used to be in Mid Valley - have no idea where they went now ) and the ones in Ipoh..

Good tarts are determined by 1)Quality of the pastry- must be flaky but not too much, firm but not too hard. 2) Good filling- soft, yellowy and when you open the box up, the lovely smell fills ... *ahhhhhhhhh*

Lovely lovely egg tart

This one's for neko, neko, neko and neko

How does Neko and Dad eat egg tarts together? Warm it up, put on a plate, get a drink and then plant self in front of TV. Legs up on the table and slowly... enjoy :)

To get good egg tarts:
Restaurant Parkway - Section 19
Subang Jaya

Please note she sells out by 11:00am and faster on Weekends.


  1. i lup egg tart too. yummy yummy in my tummy.

  2. The egg tart filling is not thick! Check this one from the famous Ipoh Hong Kee @

  3. See Teck - thanks for dropping by- no it is not really thick but normally i get my egg tarts from Tong Kee. Guarantee good. Thanks for the tip - next time when i go back to Ipoh, i will give it a try.

  4. Since U loves egg tarts, try the one at Buddies Recipe at SS14 inside Restoran Unlimited (bakuteh row. They are fantastic. Delicious! Just melts in your mouth. Not to mentioned they have great original Pineapple Tarts too!

  5. Henry, thanks! I will give it a try this weekend.



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