Sunday, 23 October 2011

Restaurant Robson Heights

I feel like i am the last person on earth to blog about this. :) But yes, just a few short stops away from my office, there is a gem or 2 of restaurants hiding in the hills of Robson. ( Can they be called hills?)   The Makan Gang 2 has not gone out in ages because most of us were in the far reaches of the earth but that day was a rare day everyone manage to get together to makan. Inclusion of 2-3 new faces, one or 2 we may have possibly scared with our frantic picture taking and whatsapping of the food. < sorry >

The favorite choice of food of course in such a gathering is always Ketam. And each time, we always always over order. ( Never learn one all of us , either that ore we are just greedy piggies, the waiter was already giving us the look for over ordering) But naturally eating crabs is always most fun with a large group of people, otherwise a small group could be an overkill.

For the uninitiated to Robson Heights Restaurant, there are so easy ways to get there:
* From Federal highway, direction of PJ to KL, first turning to KL Sentral, go on that road and make a u turn at the old Brickfields police station, go straight up turn left. Can't miss this restaurant.
* From KL, to PJ still on the Federal high way, look for the SSF building on the left and then turn left, and turn left - can't miss this high up restaurant

I am amused that you need to climb up a flight of stairs ( not very high lah ) to get up this restaurant, kinda like a work out before you eat and after you eat. The interior is typically chinese not very exciting, clean and not stinky like some chinese restaurants are. And surprisingly cooling. ( Thank God, with the weather these days, aircons are a must )
Robson's Seafood 003 Since this is a crabfestival, naturally most of the orders are about crab. First up was the Spicy Chilli Crab. Generous serving of sauce and a bit of a mustachioed crab here. The crab was fresh and meaty. However sauce wise, i still feel King Crab has the best sauce. King Crab seems to have that extra oomph in the sauce that keeps you going back for more.
Robson's Seafood 004 Next up, Crab in salted egg. Look @ the coated claw. Cholesterol heaven.  I think most of us were licking the outsides of the crab. Again superbly fresh crabs but luckily this was not a very large order, can be jelakky if cold.

There was one crab pic that did not make the show here ( as in the blog ) because my hands were already about filthy diddling with the salted egg crabs was the Cheese crabs. That was in my books less jelakky than the salted egg but also the sauce cheese dib was awesome!  I liked it more than the other crab dishes i had.
Robson's Seafood 002 One of my all time favorite dish and rather cholesterol laden is the Sang Har meen. I have practically eaten quite a few dishes from various restaurants in PJ/KL ( Greenview, King Crab, the reasonably priced one in Sg Wang, have not really tried Pan Heong yet) but Robson height does a mean version of this dish. Personally many years ago Greenview's one was pretty good, but the quality dipped. So now i think the one by Robson is not too bad. By far my favorite of the night.  Fresh noodles, not jelakky and large and luscious prawns. And the odd broccoli there :D

And then there is pork. Of Course. Pork is a must in most makan sessions. Marmite, Guinness and Honey pork, how can that not be a killer combination.  Tender and finger licking good, the meat just flies off the bone. Robson's Seafood 001
Veggies and others usually fail to make the picture cut :) but nevertheless i swear we did consume some fiber. Good to catch up with the gang after so long.  I heard the glass noodles prawn was pretty good.  If you want some nice eats at reasonable prices, Robson Heights Seafood won't disappoint.

Address for those who fail to understand my poor directions:
10B, Jalan Permai,
Off Jalan Syed Putra,
50460 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone/Fax No : 603-2274 6216.


  1. The legendary seafood place.. Been hearing about this place since like few years but never had the chance to try. Price-wise.. how does it fare?

  2. Was great good, good times and good company

  3. @Bact: it is legendary. The sang har meen was awesomesauce :). I think it is cheaper than King Crab, paid around RM70 per person, there where about 9 of is. if i can recall

    @Joyce: yeah we should do this more often

  4. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Everything looks just perfect. I am truly impressed!




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