Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ipoh Style Fish ball noodles

I never get bored of eating in Ipoh. In fact, every trip back is like fattening the cow session. :) Food is cheap and good in Ipoh and nothing ever really has ever tasted awful in my opinion. Let me think. Nope, rarely.

Noodles is a big part of the chinese breakfast in ipoh. I don't think anyone eats bread a lot unless it's with Kaya or you dump some soft boiled eggs on it. Unless you suffer from too-much-to-eat syndromes where you require plain wholemeal toast to detox, Noodles are a something that is eaten a lot in Ipoh.

My usual 3 favorite typo of noodle brekkie in Ipoh is 1) Curry Mee ( with Siew Yoke no less ) 2) Chee Cheong Fun Ipoh style [ light soya sauce and loads of fried onions ] 3) And Ipoh Style Fish ball noodles.  Of all 3, item 3 is the healthiest by far.
Fishball Noodles 001 Some how, noodles in ipoh is crammed into a small tiny bowl of Mihun and yellow rice noodles. And to top this off, you need a decent crushed chilli to go with the noodles. Sometimes i just take plain noodles ( when i feel fat ) and then when i am not, i need my fish ball toppings. It is not the KL style yong tau foo but still it's simplicity is what makes it different.

Fishball Noodles 002
oooh.... can see my mom topping up the chilli behind.
There are many of these fish ball noodles in Ipoh, however this one in Jalan Bijih Timah is only selling Fishball noodles. Yes. One shop of only fish ball noodles. If you are looking for choices, be forewarned there is none!  The funny thing about Ipoh is, you can always walk over to the next shop and order the food to be brought into a different restaurant. Never see that in KL, you'd probably might get whacked.

Noodles can come in soup or dry version ( black soya sauce ) , with either kuey teow, mihun, mi, or even loh si fun. I normally like mihun/mi. Don't be fooled by the small bowl, actually it is quite filling. My favorite is the pork balls with minced squid, can't see from the picture, cause all the foo pei is covering it up. I like this style of Fish balls because it is not those plastiky bouncy feeling type.  Can't really describe it but i like my fishballs less springy yet not soft. 

Along Jalan Bandar Bijih Timah - there are 2 shops selling the same stuff above - and is actually run by 2 brothers!  Many moons ago, their mom used to run it, but now the 2 brothers spilt their shop in the same row and both are equally cramped and crowded. Their elderly mom can be seen pottering around the older brother's shop packing chilli sauce and trying to make herself busy :)

Can't remember the other brother's shop name, but this one i ate was Restaurant CT - Can't miss it, his shop has like the only noodle shop inside and a lot of people milling around it.


  1. Hey, that's my comfort food too!

  2. All ipoh lang's comfort food. Just love the soup and chilli!

  3. Did your blog font size get just smaller? At my age, I think I need a magnifying glass to see things.

    Last time when we go to Ipoh on bi-weekly basis, we use to stop by Pusing to have fishball noodle and yong tow foo, very often. But sad to say, it's so long ago that I don't remember where is it anymore.

    Probably will make a short trip to Ipoh before the end of the year, provided I get a break from the never-ending job.



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