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Cabbages & Condom, Soi 12, Sukhomvit, BKK

This post is dedicated to the people in BKK. Hope everyone there stays strong in the face of the flood disasters.
Floating Markets in Bangkok - Bringing a new meaning to cooking on the fly
Some time back during the raya breaks, i made a beeline for Bangkok. To be honest, it's my first time there, though i have been to Hatyai and Chang Mai. When i was younger, where i went was dictated by my parents ( cause they paid ) and i was poor ( pocket money those days and now so different leh ) but as you grow older... with your own money, you can practically go any where. Provided there is no civil war, no floods, no tsunami, no earthquake and of course ... doesn't break your bank to go there ( Like Europe ).

My initial plan was to go back to HK but heck, i find Air Asia DOES not excel on cheap flights on the last minute [ Tony, are you reading this? ]. So BKK was not extremely pricey and i manage to get good rates @ the Ramada Encore, so i went to BKK instead.  The plan was to shop, eat, shop, eat, pretend to be tourist then eat and shop. Actually i ended up eating more than shopping. (Some how or rather, i couldn't get anything nice there ) At the point when i was there, it was actually raining quite often already, i remember my rather unpleasant flood walk in Chatuchak. Not impressed. T_T

One of the famed places to eat in BKK was this place called Cabbages and Condom. The name was a shoe in for "must visit place" even for the heck of it. Situated in Sukhomvit 12, this restaurant cum education place is quite an attraction for tourist.  In conjunction with the Population and Community Development, the aim is to educate people about safe sex ( we are in thailand after all :D ) and at the same time, hey feed you well.
Amazing Condom Varieties - are these really sold in the world? 
You would think this is a tourist trap and it serves horrible and expensive food?  But no, your are absolutely wrong. The food here is actually quite good and the price not too bad. So good, i went there twice during my stay there.  Also if you fear eating street food but want to try Thai food, here is a good place to go.
Cabbages and Condom 002 Many years back, when i went to this place called My Elephant, i was introduced to this dish called Mieng Kam. Made up of betel leaves, topped with onions, coconut shreds , ginger, dried shrimp and fish sauce, this is one interesting crunchy snack to chew on. Since then this is always on my "must order" thai dish. Unfortunately now, i try to flick out the peanuts so as they don't crack my teeth too much. The combination of ingredients is quite addictive and surprisingly healthy.
Cabbages and Condom 001
No trip to Thailand is complete without some Tom Yam Goong. Not so very spicy ( thank god ) but enough kick still to keep it nice. It was particularly cold that day in Bangkok due to the rains ( i hate rains ) so the warm and spicy soup was a good end to the day.  Plenty of seafood and stuff in the soup, only wish the rice was delivered to us faster because i wanted soup rice! 
Cabbages and Condom 004
There was a veggie dish here but normally i don't take pics of veggie unless super special. Think we had the perennial favorite of morning glory! Couldn't think of any other veggie we wanted to eat! 

One of the things i heard a lot about thai curries besides the usual green or red curries was the Massaman Curry. This is a southern thai dish normally made with Beef, chicken or duck.  Why is this curry different from other thai curries? The use of the cardamon pods which is not normally used in Thai dishes. Cardamon pods are an influence from India so the smell of the curry is quite aromatic. Not really spicy though yet has this sweetish taste. Not pretty in picture, but the taste i assure you will want you reaching out for the rice pots to heap the sauce on to it. I could eat seconds here. 
Cabbages and Condom 005
Thank god i needed to walk back to the hotel, i was so full could not even think about desserts. Though we did return a few days later to sample their thai mango dessert. I find i like the one in BKK alot better than the ones i had in KL! Mango is sweet with a hint of sour and the glutinous rice was nice ( without the hard bits. My mom would say someone "kan mai" )
Cabbages and Condom 003

So, after the floods, if anyone is heading towards Thailand, particularly bangkok, do try out Cabbages and Condom. By the way, they go with the byline "Our food will guaranteed not to cause pregnancy!"

Cabbages & Condom,
Soi 12, Sukhomvit,

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