Sunday, 4 September 2011

Salted Veg & Mince Pork
When i was a kid, my aunt always used to called me a Ham Choy Mui...because i was a grubby kid. Ham Choy means grubby, like you know, the unwashed bantal busuk kind :). However, i hope that did not really translate to er the fact that i like salted veggies a lot.  Ham Choy is just one of the types of salted preserved  vegetables found in the Chinese cooking. There is the mui choy that you find in Mui Choy Kau yoke, or Tung Choy or even Char Choi, in which you find in Szechuan noodles.

The salted veg adds zest and sometimes spice to your dishes, but don't necessary are the healthiest kind of food around town. I have to say i love all of them but of late with the wave of fake food around and the high salt content, i try to limit the dosage i need to eat. :)

Ham Choy Chu Yoke or Salted Veg and Mince pork is one of the dishes i used to eat when i was a child. Being extremely fussy with food, pork was of the ways my grandmother and mother tempted me to eat. I guess this dish must hit a spot. Very simply, you just need mince pork { marinate sikit with some soy sauce and cornflour [ gets rid of smell ] ) and ham choy. This ham choy is from Ipoh by the way. You need the dark leaves kind, which so far i only see in Ipoh.

Soak in water before cooking sprinkled with a bit of sugar to take the edge of the sourness.

Heat the wok, add a bit of chopped garlic, and stir fry the pork. Add salted veg in the pan, when almost done, a bit of dark soya sauce and water. Thicken the sauce to your liking. As we grew older, fresh chilli was added in to give it a kick. With a bowl of fresh, hot white rice, this will surely whet your appetite. Alternatively, you can replace Ham Choy with fresh belimbing ( yeap, starfruit - the tiny kind )

Note: in most KL supermarkets you find the Ham Choy with no green leaves, you can use that but add in onions and carrots to give it a different twist.  Or, if you don't like this with pork, boil soup!!!

P/S: This is quite a simple dish to replicate at home. 

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