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Inspirational food post: Causeway Bay Spicy Crab

Causeway Bay Crabs-002  Ah.............. this is one of the food places that is decidedly good that you never want to eat anything of lesser quality. I went to Causeway Bay, actually. In Hartamas. Unfortunately. Not in Hong Kong. :(  Otherwise it would have been super awesome to eat and shop. Seafood in Manila need to take note that crabs... are to be cooked this way.
Causeway Bay Crabs-003
Phone show off time - The Sony XPERIA 10

In my two week back to KL, the makan gang and me had our regular outing.I miss eating with this group since working overseas. It's the company as well as our love for exploring new eating places.  I also miss e chit chats we use to have. Everyone was nice enough to go for Chinese as i was complaining about the quality of Chinese food in Manila. And Causeway Bay caught everyone's stomach, eye because it had everyone's favorite crustacean in it.  How nice it is to have a taste of Hong Kong without having to fly to it.  And why do i call this an inspiring post? Because eating good food makes me happy :)  plus having good company helps.

According to Mashi, the menu is quite fantastic. Didn't manage to see it, as i was still "on the way" from work while the ordering was happening. Naturally the most famous dish here is the Typhoon shelter crabs ( or Bei Foong tong Hai ) doused in enough garlic to make Edward Cullen run like hell. Mind you, these crabs are not  cheap. Each one is about 100 bucks and is as cranky as hell. I would be, if  i had a price tag on my head.
Causeway Bay Crabs-001
Crabs are Cranky - Before they become Typhoon Shelter Crabs

So, once they are clean and cooked, they look like this. All buried in a lovely pile of garlic. The garlic goes pretty well with plain rice. I could just eat a bowl of rice and garlic.
Causeway Bay Crabs-005
 Here is a shot of the claw of the crab. It's like a treasure hunt dish. You dig under a pile of rubble to find some jewel or diamond. In my case, i scored a claw. Its quite an amazing taste. The garlic does not overshadow the taste of the crab. I think, after eating this, i don't want to eat crab anywhere else! Well, maybe still my mom's. She does a mean version of Chilli Garlic crab as well.

Causeway Bay Crabs-004
If you dig even more, you will find more treasures under the shell. Like roe. Which will increase your cholesterol! However, hand model did not eat this, just helped me pose the stuff!
Causeway Bay Crabs-009
Makan gang's sessions are never complete with out the standard pork dish. In this case we ordered Honey Pork ribs. This dish almost did not make or as it was the first dish served and because i was supremely late for dinner, everyone was acting like a zombie, grabbing the meat on the table. :) Sorry guys, i got lost 1/2 way.  However, i did manage to get a shot of the remaining pieces. This tasted ok, but it was a bit hard in certain bits and didn't help when my teeth had this "shiver me timbers" feeling after biting on piece. Crap, i hate dental problems.
Causeway Bay Crabs-008

A less pretty dish but quite healthy if you avoid the century egg is this pile of stuff. After the strong tasting crabs, and you eat this mild dish, you might think it is bland but the mild taste grows on you. I think i ate the most of this dish. Since i was veggie deprived for a few weeks.
Causeway Bay Crabs-007
Sometimes, we attempt to suppress the evils of what we eat by ordering more healthy food like tofu :).  And if you like tofu, we recommend this homemade tofu dish. I saw it square in KY's blog but i am not sure if the same dish. Inside the little circle and under that small cap, is minced seafood goodies. The sauce also makes a good accompaniment to white rice.
Causeway Bay Crabs-006

Free desserts were given to diners, each one of us had a bowl of Kwai Lin Koh! Not bad, though. Always my favorite dessert. But i cannot finish as i was already stuff to the max.
Causeway Bay Crabs-010

Definitely coming back here a second time to try the variety of dishes Mashi mentions in the menu. That i didn't get to see. By the way, they have this awesomesauce Honey drink. Order that if you are bored of the usual tea.

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The Locale:
Causeway Bay Spicy Crab
26 & 26-1, Jalan 30/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
They have FB as well!


  1. Wow. Nice! Didn't know there is a Tung Lo Wan locally in KL too.

    Must be kinda pricey based on your description. Perhaps I can consider going there only after getting promotion.

    Just back from Jakarta and going to Taipei tomorrow. Hey, you haven't told everyone what is your job about? Can you please blog about it?

  2. @bact: TUNG LO WAN is the best thing that happen to us :) hehehe. Yes it was, about 70-80 per person. Sorry lah don't want to talk about job lah. Hence that is why i do blogs, want to not talk about something i look @ every day :P

  3. RM 100.00 per crab?

  4. @mimi: depend on ketam size. Mine was that price. Not fixed rate

  5. Wah, expensive Krab

  6. Yo princess, are you still in Manila now or in KL? How long more are you going to spend there?

  7. @bact: this 2 weeks back in kl. How long ah. Dunno leh.

  8. Damn the ketam looks good... call me when you go back

  9. @joyce: i miss our dinners :(



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