Sunday, 10 October 2010

Beef Bourgignon @ La Maison - Greenbelt 5, Makati City

So. Last time it was Jollibee and Beef Kalderata. It's another beef post from me again in Manila. If you are wondering why i don't eat pork or chicken here... i do. I haven't come to a point where i can start posting that because i lack time.

Actually, i ate this  in July. The last time i went to the Manila American Memorial, i came back to greenbelt to have lunch there because i couldn't find anything near Bonafacio to suit my taste. Greenbelt is super big ass shopping place in Makati City. However, i got a bit lost in all my photographs and i finally found it! So here it comes! Late post!

Truth be told, central manila houses a few big shopping places. In the city, there Greenbelt (1-5), Glorietta (1-5), SM Mall. 1-5 means block 1, 2 or 3. Nearer to the airport is Fort Bonafacio ( houses alot of  american brands ) and the big Market Market complex. I don't really like market market but i love Bonafacio because you can definitely buy something there and there are some nice restaurants in Serendah that serve decent food. By now, one would think Manila is nothing but shopping. It's just that some areas are so far, its alot of effort to go there. With no driver, i tend to not venture too far with taxi drivers in case they send me to "sell a little piggy" ( think cantonese - mai chu chai ).

I spend most weekends wandering around malls to cool off and get out of my apartment and not feel cooped. Also, i get a chance to explore different eating places.  After that hot day in the Manila memorial, i swore i could have melted in a puddle of fat. While scouting around for places to eat, and none seem to please me a lot ( either long queue or things that don't pick up my fancy ) i decided on La Maison as they offered a set meal for lunch.

I read a lot about this place. It either had good reviews or bad reviews.It's not really french with a french sounding name and yet it's not really a fusion as most of their dishes are from Europe. Though putting "bento" on the behind of every dish sounded a bit odd for me.  However i was tired to the max and sweating like a pig, i could not really careless if they served authentic food or not! I just wanted a DRINK!!

Now one thing i discovered i like in Manila is that... they make awesome drinks here. Especially their red tea. In some places, even awesome pandan tea!! I love their drinks here as they are good thirst quenchers. For the price of 90 pesos on top of my lunch, i get this red tea drink. One sip of this, you'd thought you died and gone to heaven. I am not sure why it taste so nice but the combination of the red tea and lemon was quite refreshing. You get that big "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" after taking a sip. After a while here, i kinda got addicted to this red tea drink -_-".
My set meal is a dish of Beef Bourgignon. Traditionally it's not served with rice. It's a french dish mainly eaten by peasants, however like a lot traditional dishes, it's been given an up class treatment in France to be a dish that appeals to the upper echelon's of society.  Another name for this dish is called Beef Burgundy. Normally, this is darker in color, but this Manila version is trying to look like a Cullen family member. Oh yea :) this the second time i mentioned Cullen in my posts.

I thought it was a rather small serving but 1/2 way through, i felt pretty full. I admit, i love my food infused with alcohol *hic*. Most of the time i am teetotaler but when it comes to food infused with alcohol, i like it. While it does not make me walk like a drunken sailor back to my service apartment, it's heady enough and gives the dish a very nice aroma... Hmm, if all food have alcohol, i will be one happy person.

Oh the other dishes here are kinda pricey. Normally i try not to pay higher than 400 pesos for a dish which translates to RM28. Also other reviews, mention this place has hits and misses but the Bourgignon is a sure winner. *Hic*, now i need to go find more alcoholic food.

Those interested - come on over... ( please get your own accommodations, ktxbai )
La Maison
3/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila


  1. The tea is like.. a bit gassy? No?
    I like the carbonated lipton tea which I saw only in Europe last time. Gee, you are a beef lover eh?

  2. @bact: not really woh. This was quite nice. Yeah i do like beef. Ups my... bp a bit more

  3. Ups your bp? hehehe.
    When I was in Bangkok, I love their tea too. Very smooth.

  4. Hey, hopefully you are in Manila. Hope the typhoon won't hit so hard in Manila, it should be making landfall now anytime.

    Hope you will be safe and sound.
    Do update ya from time to time.
    Take care, cheers!

  5. @bact: hey, your comment really cheered me up today! :) thanks very much

  6. my pleasure. :) keep blogging yo. weather back here in kl is super warm nowadays, up to 37 celcius couple of days ago. take care there, cheers!

  7. As, I opened your blog I’m just craving because of that photos you are sharing with your marvelous post. And I think that those foods was very delicious; wishing someday that I will try to eat and have a fun to visit in Makati. Thanks for sharing this post.



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