Saturday, 18 September 2010

Beef Kalderata

I have been meaning to write, but i feel a little bit lack of inspiration at times. For some reason this lack of inspiration seems to be on going for the past months or so. -_-. However a food blog isn't a food blog without posts, so i will do a quick one today on some local Pinoy dishes.

Have not posted a lot of Pinoy food and the last post of Jollibee probably got everyone thinking i eat jollibee only! Not. My dislike for fast food remains the same any time, i just eat for the curiosity and really when i am not in the mood to wait for food. Which is not often thank goodness. There are some dishes in Philippines that is worth the time to try. And Beef Kalderata is one of my favorites.  I had the lamb version in Fely J but i like this version that is found in the restaurant near my service apartment.  I didn't think they could produce yummy food as their "chow mein" or pancit canton was just way oily and peppery.  But i was pleasantly surprised by their Kalderata.

Beef Kalderata resembles the italian beef stew with somewhat similar influences of tomato in the dish. Originating from Luzon, this dish however can be found all over Philippines in different variations. However, on googling the contents of the Beef Kalderata, actually liver is placed in the base of the sauce. O_O. I really did not taste it probably the tomato sauce covers the smell, taste of the liver. The Manila version i was told favors using potatoes in the stew and it's really a one meal dish of meat and veggies. I know the oil looks disturbing ... but actually i kinda scoop it all out before eating.  Beef was extremely tender and i think it tops Fely J's version! And surprisingly, i finished everything!

Of course, needless to say, you eat this with rice, but i think this goes well with pasta or even bread rolls.  The restaurant here served it with this pretty plate of rice that was kinda hard on the top. Can crack my fillings.  Need improvement on rice cooking. Crusty rice is only good if you are eating claypot rice. 

There is also a Swiss restaurant near my service apartment that serves awesome barley soup. Had that when i overstuffed my self on a burger for lunch. Never eat things called "aussie burgers" next time. If you have tiny tummies.

The location:
Makati Avenue
(sorry can't give full add otherwise people know where i stay!)


  1. Hahaha, you're still there??

  2. The beef does look familiar. I think many other cultures have a similar dish, with slight modifications. But it's comfort food nevertheless

  3. looks awesome. even the rice is shaped... too bad i won't have any chance to visit Manila soon because the ISP there just rejected our approach. :(

  4. @jason: nah back here for 2 weeks before going back again.
    @qwazymonkey: yeah it looks like beef stew! Definitely it is comfort food... so far my fav at the restaurant.
    @bact: wah which ISP? PM me...

  5. what's wrong with people knowing where you stay? hmm. even though manila is pretty near from here. going to jakarta next week yo, see you around!

    How do I PM you anyway? I can't find any PM function in blogspot. Hehe. Perhaps I'm too illiterate in IT.

  6. @bact: email me. Of course not put address lah nanti got stalker

  7. As, I opened your blog I am just craving of that beef kaldereta food that you’ve been posted. It was very delicious food; wishing someday I will try to visit and eat in this restaurant in Makati. Thank you.



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