Thursday, 28 October 2010

Leung Kee - Oodles of Noodles

Restaurant Leung Kee -001
Chopsticks duet anyone?

Some people like rice, i like my noodles. I am not a rice pot per se, but if given a chance, i prefer to eat noodles in any form, soup, kon loh, fried, ramened, soba-fied, etc anyway you can cook it, i will eat it.  Mind you, not all countries do noodles well. The last time i was in Kunming, the noodles were swimming in chilly oil, was quite a disturbing trip for my tummy. And mind you, this was the country of noodles originator. However, i must say, i was totally happy in Italy. I ate pasta till i popped @ the ears.

So every time i am back in town, my parents always slip in a noodle meal somewhere. It's good old fashion food without the frills and doesn't cost you a bomb.  My particular favorite is Wan tan noodles or is it Sang Meen? It brings me back to my childhood, were there are lot of Chinese restaurants ending with the name "Kee" or "Kei" as pronounced in Cantonese. Like Koon Kee, Ho Weng Kee, Fook Kee, Leung Kee... and all these "Kee" fellas sell wan tan noodles in various versions. Koon Kee is still running in DU, but HWK has closed their SS2 branched and up-class themselves at Hutong, Lot 10. Fook Kee stopped their business when the old man died. I rather like the latter restaurant because every time we went there, mom will goss on the owner as he has 2 wives! And they stayed in the same house! That story line will be another post.

Leung Kee is the closest to my house, and the original shop was in Petaling Street.This rather unassuming and very smokey ( people like to smoke in this restaurant ) serves simple noodle dishes for no less than RM7 per plate - depending on what you add in. If it is Ngau Lam, it's a bit pricier but the traditional wan tan meen, Chicken floss noodles are about 3-4 dollars a dish. My favorite is usually Sui Kau meen. Though one of these days, i must try their Hakka Pork noodles. (Char Yuk meen)
Restaurant Leung Kee -006
Perennial Favorite - Char Siew Meen
My mother's all time favorite is usually Char Siew meen. The Char Siew is not as good as the ones in Salak South or other shops but it is passable. Actually it borders on being anorexic Char Siew, so if you are on a diet, it's good :) I like mine 1/2 fat and 1/2 skinny

My dad photobombing me as usual, but his Ngau Lam meen sauce is pretty awesome. Normally pass this as tripe is really not my favorite food or any offal for the matter. But it doesn't stop me from tasting the sauce though. Larkee my dad never wave his dirty chopsticks in my direction
Restaurant Leung Kee -007
Ngau Lam  Meen

My brother favors the Chicken floss noodles with mushroom, missed out a pic here of the noodles, but here's a pic of him advertising for Sony Experia again :) 
Restaurant Leung Kee -002

My All time favorite! Siu Kow noodles. Awesome dumplings. You can order this with noodles or just on it's own. The max number of dumplings i have eaten so far is 7! Although the typical they give on serving is only 4 big ones
Restaurant Leung Kee -005

I like the noodles here in Leung Kee because it's not too big, not too small, not too sticky... and the sauce is not cloying. I am terribly disturbed by noodles with sweet sauce. And the plus point, it's not very expensive to boot.  Only watch out for the silly people in the restaurant who cannot read the no smoking sign.

Restaurant Leung Kee,
USJ 10/1d ( same row as starbucks and the infamous USJ police station )

Short post folks. Mojo still not back yet.


  1. Looks yummy. If only I can have that for breakfast everyday, my waist shall expand 10 inches no doubt. USJ is a bit beyond my traveling ability. :(

    3 - 4 dollars a dish, do you mean ringgit or singapore dollars or US dollars?

  2. Anonymous9:30 am

    Lots of noodle photos here! Really looks so delicious. I like the color. Very nice.
    dining table

  3. @bact: er ringgit lah.... hehehe. You can go Hor Weng Kee in hutong loh...

    @keri: thanks for dropping by... and thanks for the comments

  4. Hime chan .... since you are a van damn mee lover, I would like to recommend you try out Khoon Kee Uptown damansara. Their poach chicken noodle and wan tan is good.

  5. @FOOD POI: Yup, eaten that before when i was a wee lass. The curry noodles @ the beef ball noodle stall is pretty awesome as well

  6. Argh... I need supper now!

  7. @jason: hehehe Supper! Ah Sg Besi Wantan lah



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