Sunday, 9 May 2010

Restaurant Nanking @ TAIPAN USJ

Restaurant Nanking - Tai Chou-002
Screw the diet. Was lazy to cook the other day and decided to pack Hokkien Noodles back from one of the tai chao's in USJ Taipan. I would not recommend people actually eat at the restaurant for it is 1) hot, 2) a bit dodgy the place, you may say hi to tikus besar and 3) horrendous parking but tar pauing home Hokkien noodles is just the right thing for end of the week.  Funny thing is they don't pack the chilli sauce separately, but within the same pack, they use the fold of plastics to actually put the chilli in. I need my hokkien mee with the sambal. Otherwise, there is no "kick". And i love the wok hei smell, filled my entire house *drools*

Some people like their hokkein noodles pale, i like mine dark. :) But not as dark as squid ink lah. You get the same effect though after eating, a slightly blackened mouth. I wonder how much dark soya sauce they douse in here.

There are heaps of hokkien noodle places around but very few good ones. There is the famous Damansara Utama one, or the Ah Yap Sentul one ( was it ah yap?) but i still like the ones at SS17 and probably Restaurant Nanking's version. The wok hei is good here and ... the noodle glistens... But surprisingly it was not oily. Lots of prawns and pork were thrown in. In USJ 4, the restaurant New Apollos (?? ) also does quite a good version, but i find the pork there sort of smells at times.

I must admit though, Hokkien noodles are notoriously damn hard to photograph. They are black, and black and black! All black.

Oh btw the surrounding area of Nanking has another restaurant called Sin Kong? There is this excellent Siew Yoke shop there. Owner is called Alex. Can pre-order slabs of siew yoke if you require for festivals or just pot luck! :) 

34, Jln USJ 10/1 & USJ 10/1D
47620 UEP Subang Jaya


  1. Scary black slithering snakes on a plate.
    Haha, me no fan of Hokkien noodles, but I can understand the love for lards. :)

  2. Hahaha, it could be worse than snake. I love any type of noodles! But u are right, the lard is lovely.

  3. Hokkien mee definitely the darker the better, haha!!!

  4. Eh, is it good?
    Have you tried the imbi one before? you don't eat fried lard meh?

  5. @bact: not really leh... i like the smell but for health reasons, i don't really chew on fried lard!

  6. Hi, Is there a chicken rice stall in nanking restaurant with a vry good siu yoke??

  7. @ah tee: yup. At Sin Kong. Only for lunch time. His Char Siew is not bad as well



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