Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Married Couples Dessert! From Vietnam

Vietnamese Dessert-001
FRESH from Vietnam! Just off the plane 5 hours ago, is a vietnamese dessert my parents called "Fu Chai Ko" (It's couple in Cantonese, not little pants, mind you ). Actually i was harassing my parents to buy a t-shirt with the Red Star on the front. However, surprisingly, things in Vietnam is pretty expensive, so no t-shirt for me! Instead, they brought back some traditional desserts from Vietnam , seeing i like sweet stuff, they bought a box back. And it is also not cheap. It's costs a dollar a piece. The box had like 15-20 pieces of "gold".

I am surprised it was called couples cake, apparently it's served during wedding ceremonies, to seal a couple's love... which sorta don't fit me since i am single. :) *grin* Anyway, my mom thought i would like the taste ( and a chance to blog about it ). She bought a variety of flavors, color, some green ones which where pandan and white ones  and purple ones ( which was given to the neighbor ) Wrapped in this sealed plastic bag, all you need to do peel it open and pop it into your mouth.
Vietnamese Dessert-002

I like the smell of pandan, so the smell was quite refreshing, especially after a day at work. The other layer is actually a gelatin like layer, with shredded coconut inside. And the center, mushed mung beans. I like the shredded coconut inside as it gives this dessert texture.In fact you can see the coconut strips in the photograph.

I could eat like 10 of these in one go ... but too bad, it's RM1 per piece....... 

Where to buy? Go to Vietnam-lah...............

P/S: Should have asked them to bring Pho back then... ( Pushing my luck here.... )


  1. Looks nice ler. Save some for me?

  2. how big is this? can put your finger there for comparison?

  3. @joyce: tinggal 8 only... better come and get :P
    @Bact: 3/4 of my thumb



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