Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What is important to you?

This morning, i planned to write about some food. But later in the morning, i think my mind change completely on what i wanted to write. While at work today, i received news my ex colleague was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I think at that point of time, i didn't know what to say, my first response the person was what??. My friend told me the news came via SMS from him to a few of us. And he wanted the group to know about it. It must be the most difficult sms to write.  I cannot imagine how he feels.

I had to excuse myself from training for a while to go to toilet to compose my thoughts. On my way back from work, i started to tear up in the car. ( Yup, i got weird stares at the toll ) MSN/Gmail and Yahoo today were alot of emails going back and forth on this topic. Our whole group is worried, scared and most of all dumbfounded. We'd probably never expected this to happen to someone who supported us all in times of need.  It's one thing to support your colleague at work but i must admit when faced with this situation, i am not sure how we can do except give him the best support/ prayers and hopes.

I guess what shocked us the most is how mortal we all are. If we do not already know this, this is a reminder to all of us that we really are.  And i am also reminded how mortal each one of my family members are.

My family has been robbed of members by cancer in it's many forms, and it never gets any easier if you hear such news. Quite depressed today, i told my mom about this ( she knows most of my friends and all ) i think she also didn't know how to comfort me today except just listen.

I hope my friend gets well. Our whole OD gang hopes as well.  I am positive he will.

Probably need some time to come to grips with this. So if you think your priorities in life is something else. Think again. You don't know it till it hits you.Will start posting later in the week. I am really not in the mood to write about something fluffy.


  1. Yes, we are worrying about him! Hope he will be fine and recover real soon! God bless~

  2. @uLi: Yes, we are all praying for him
    @M: Yes u know him. Everyone's favorite ISD guy.

  3. can you PM me on FB? Who is it?

  4. I had a friend who has just left us last year due to cancer. I regretted for not paying her visits even though I could. Treasure everyone around you, they are part of your life, and will be in your life forever.

    Sincerely hope everything will be well.

  5. Thanks CD. He's undergoing treatment now and seems cheerful. We are all hoping for the best for him.



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