Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Restaurant Brother Yat @ Somewhere in Subang

Restaurant Brother Yat-001
It was ... supposed to be F4 Fish head night. Funny name for a restaurant hor.......In fact there is no Jerry Yan or Vic Chou  or even cute Korean guys in sight. At F4 fish head, i was greeted by Cantonese speaking Bangla's and Nepalese who do not even faintly resemble F4 Taiwan, Japan or Korea. And boy, the place was packed to the brim at 6pm! This place is so popular, there were Beemers and Mercs lining up the parking just to come here and try their famous fish head. Disappointed,  Bro and I decided to head out and eat else where. I saw the sign saying Brother Yat's restaurant, and since we were in the vicinity why not.

Restaurant Brother Yat-002

Subang Light Industrial Park is not just a industrial park but there are restaurants, ( a few in fact ) and even a badminton court that is housed in this factory like place. I guess rent is cheap here and parking... Rather dodgy. Park anyway you like and don't step on dog poo on the way.  There is no air con in this place but the breezy and airy factory like shop, makes the place pretty cool. We place our orders and waited for the dishes to come.

Restaurant Brother Yat-003
Life is slow in this part of Subang, it's also easy and drowsy. Just like this black dog taking a siesta in front of the restaurant. He will wake up if you throw scraps at him.

It was a super hot day, we couldn't resist this drink. In fact we had 2 1/2 cans of this drink. T_T.  I am not sure what's the health benefits but it is super nice on a hot day.  By the way, Sun Motor Hunters ... remember this "treasure"...?
Restaurant Brother Yat-00
I think we seriously over ordered. For 2 persons we had 3 dishes and i distinctly told the waiter "Small, Small!" But no.......... the dishes came up pretty big and enough to feed about 3-4 pax. Our perennial favorite Slice Fish with Ginger, since this place did not have fish head. There were more greens here but there were generous portions of slice fish under the greens. If you like tastes that are more "ching"  where you can taste the natural flavors, this is one for you. Plus, ginger gets rid of a lot of "gas". :)  I tot the curly fish slices were to signify the fish is though but turns out it is not. And seriously no fish smell!

I don't know about you, but fish skin is freaky for me. I will pull out every piece, then only eat the meat.
Restaurant Brother Yat-007

A rather large Clay pot taufoo surfaced next .... Gosh, with lots of veggies as well. Comes with this little cute pot bubbling away like a witch's brew. Lacking a bit of salt for this dish, hence you don't get the uumph of a claypot tafu dish does. Sigh, sauce goes so well with rice.. Adding Soy Sauce does not help though. The ingredients were fresh and plentiful.
Restaurant Brother Yat-006

I was about to blow when my veggie came but thank god not so large this dish. I skipped the rice and attacked just the veggie.  Well, nothing to should about, it's veggie and it's fresh.

Brother Yat's other specialty is pork knuckles (Funny, for a very chinese restaurant) and Sauna Prawns... but it's just me and brother, i don't think we could eat up a storm. I will probably try, when i have my army of relatives with me.

Other fehmes bloggers have been here to also sample some of the restaurant's dishes:
Price wise, reasonable. Normally fish slice is quite costly depending on which type of fish. But this dish along with the rest, cost us about RM40, fish being the most expensive. It's ok for a Chinese meal fit for 4. Oh, by the time we finish, because, F4 was extremely crowded, Brother Yat was packed from the flow over from that restaurant. Not bad business strategy!

Brother Yat Restaurant
Lot B1-765, Jalan Subang 4,
Taman Industri Sungai Penaga (Ultramine Industrial Park),
47500 Subang Jaya,


  1. Yummy-licious! You spotted the zzzzzz dog....:P

  2. Looks good. But I guess I need the help of GPS to find this place. HOw's the damage like?

  3. @uLi: It's cheap and nice this place. I think OD gang might like it... but will complain about the poor road quality!
    @bact: will give you GPS coordinates. Damage? Less than RM40 for all these food. Most ex is the fish of course

  4. Fehmes?!!! >_<

    Anyway, I am eager to try the Sauna Prawns .... IF I can drag myself over without getting lost.

  5. @J2KFM: I live around here ... :) buzz me lah then i can guide you around... U are fehmes lah... more fehmes than me :P



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