Sunday, 30 May 2010

Home Cooking: Mee Suah

I am going for a 2 photo post, cause i was trying to finish up an anime post on the other blog...  ... Lazy lah sometimes so many blogs.

I must admit I do like noodles and i like food that is considered bland or in Cantonese called "ching". Despite being a food blogger, i love my home cook food more than i like eating out at times and make it a point that I only eat out once in weekdays. Home cooked food keeps you healthy and pretty much in touch with your family members as you can sit down and catch up with them. ( Plus: you weigh less as compared if you eat out every day )  I come from a family where food is the essential item that keeps a family together ( both sides my dad and mom's ) and that ladies in the family, despite being busy, must learn how to cook simple dishes. Eating out 24x7 was frowned upon...  and a girl who cannot cook nothing but instant noodle lagi more frowned upon( i remember how the aunties tsked - tsked their heads, when one aunty can only and prefer to do the dishes ) and... it makes the entire family extremely fussy eaters.

My mom, is the queen of noodles of any form. Except for Beef Ball noodles - which she suggests we go out and eat that instead of making, she can make most noodles dishes. From normal yellow noodles, kuey teow to ... soya noodles, she can whip up something with it. My favorite however is Mee Suah. Yes, it looks and is normally called sick people food being so pale and blandish looking but to me the secret is in the soup as well as the noodles. The base is just good chicken stock with some ikan bilis thrown in. And walah... you have an awesome dish in the making.

Mom gets the noodles from a local grocer, but there was one time we got some from Melaka which was quite nice. This is one tricky noodle to eat, my brother hates it cause it absorbs liquid quite fast and faster than he can eat it.  Throw in some greens, lettuce or anything to give it the veggie base.It doesn't look like much, but i have long learned that looks for food can be deceiving.

Long time ago, mom used to add liver ( yucccccccccccck ), pork balls and fish cakes to this dish. Now, she skips the liver and still keeps the pork balls and fish cakes. Not a fan of pork balls, then go for shredded chicken. Pork balls here is home made mince and lightly salted to give it taste. And to give it kick, chop some red chillies to dip with soy sauce or bird's eye chilli for the sting.

We don't eat this when we are sick but any time when we feel like it and of course if you are bloated form eating out often, try this dish. Minus the liver of course for me. :)


  1. Looks nice, taste must be nice as well :)

  2. Eh, nice mee suah post!
    We have a different type of cooking mee suah in my hometown, cooked with red rice wine chicken, have you tried it before?

  3. @uLi: Mom's cooking the best ... 95% of the time... The other time - it is call off day!
    @Bact: thanks! yeah i have in a few different shops... So far i have not found the ultimate one in KL yet! Please recommend if you know of any. I have also eaten fried mee suah in Penang!

  4. I like mee suah too.

    My aunt used to cook it in a very simple manner (more like rinsing in hot boiling water), and add sesame oil.

    Simple and nice. Yet cannot find such recipe at stalls.

  5. i haven't found any nice ones in KL either. well, you should go out of KL one day, don't you think? :)



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