Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The day Russell almost died!


Most people treat their pets like a family member. I must say, i am one of those who treat my dog ( so far only Russell, yes i am biased ) like my own son ( of the furry variety ).  He's my little de-stress ball that likes to sit on my lap while i am watching TV. ( And fur up the floor especially during molting season ) And last sunday, i thought we almost lost him. Dad calls it our lucky day because normally dogs do not survive such experience.

 We thought of taking "ah-boy" (as he is also fondly called in the family which he surprisingly will call when he's called that ) to get his heart worm shots. He was collared, but it was slightly loose.  As we let Russell out from the car, the vet pulled the shutters up and spooked Russell. Mind you the vet is in Taipan USJ 10, facing the main road. As the shutter rolled up, Russ, struggled OUT of his collar, seeing that i jumped out of the car to try and stop him, scrapping my knee and bruising my ankle in the process. Russell dashed across to the main road, to escape the sound towards on coming cars. I must give my brother credit, he sprang after him faster than Usain Bolt and stopped an on coming Altis from hitting Russ. We were also lucky the passenger of the car, got the driver to stopped. Some people - don't stop when they see pets running across the road, have seen that happening.  Russell then dashed across to the housing estate, with my brother and the vet trailing after him... To give you a visual how it looks like, i sort of drew it out. Ah, laugh-lah, laugh-lah ... my drawing not so .... Picasso standard :)
Russell's adventures

At the moment when he dashed across the road, i almost taught he would die, as dogs when they are sort of freaked out can't be stopped. And surviving a car accident for a small dog like him is slim.  He finally stopped after he was tired and we were helped out by a Good Samaritan who stopped his car to pick my brother and the doctor up to look for Russell. Dad and i were also circling around in my car in the same area but some how missed Russell. 

When we were back at the Vet's, Russell was firmly put into a cage just to be double sure. He was pretty stressed as well, with a skinless paw and frazzled. On seeing us, all he wanted was hugs and reassurance he was safe.  The vet was pretty amused with Brother's running, saying he had a lot of energy to run so far...   Much to the dog's annoyance he was carried with legs firmly secured to the car on the trip back.  Funny thing about my dog, he prefers to sit with me for some reason, and the ride back he sat down on my lap, pooped most of the ride back.

I am glad for the kind people who stopped their cars to help out that day.  Especially Daniel the owner of the BMW, who told us "he understood how it would feel as he had 2 dogs and a cat". Also, it was a miracle it was a Sunday. If it was a weekday, i don't think he would have the same fate.  Russell is gonna start wearing a Training "Bra" leash soon that reduces chances of escape.

Sigh.. i cud do with less of this "excitement" sometimes... Boring life is good.


  1. Good thing he is OK! :)

  2. Yeah... twas a scary day for me and him and the whole family. he had extra hugs that day

  3. What a scary moment.

    Must take extra precaution when bringing my dog to the vet or outside the next time.

    Glad to know that Russell is alright. :)


  4. @kianheong: yeah. i am thankful. And a bit more watchful on my two dogs.

  5. I can understand exactly what you were going through. I nearly had the same experience when dragging my dog to the vet sometime ago.

    She dashed and ran the whole stretch of road. Thankfully it was a deserted lane, instead of a main road.

  6. @j2kfm: it was the most heart wrenching moment for me to see him dash across the road. Scary hor!Glad your dog is safe as well!

  7. Thank God he's alright!

  8. @jason: yeah thank god he is. :)

  9. i wonder who doesn't stop when there's animal crossing the road. i veered into the ditch before just to avoid a cat. well, glad that everyone is alright here. good dog you have there.



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