Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dave's @ 1U - A Revisit

I like Dave's. Why? It has pork, simple as that. It's the only other establishment besides Oriental Cravings in One U that has pork served. I thought i had posted this before, but searching my blog no. It's not the first time i have eaten here, only that, i have B.C.S now ( Better Camera Skills ) to take photographs in this dark restaurant.

I am quite sure a lot of people know Dave's. It's opposite TGIF in One U and, horrors - next to a .... vegetarian restaurant.  A pork restaurant next to a vegetarian restaurant. It's like that siew yoke place in Sri Petaling that is opposite a temple! The irony of it.  Dave also serves lots of beers, wines and all sorts of alcohol. so it is a place you can grab a bit and some alcohol at same time. Italian is their specialty, so there is lots of pizza and pasta here. 

Bro and i were here for a full meal though, so no quick bites in this case. Dave's was pretty packed the time we reached at 6:30pm, so we were stuck on a table between 2 couples.... I wanted the corner table, so i can easily "flash" my camera ...I must confess i still have qualms bring out my big ass camera to take pictures in crowded areas. Ah.. who cares lah... I did get some stares though, especially this mother from the next table!
Soups are here are a must. Especially, if you are a big fan of mushroom soup. Dave's mushroom soup is a whopping RM19 but it's not of the can variety. When the waitress was bringing the dish, you can smell the soup coming. With lots of fresh mushroom lightly grounded and topped with pepper, this will warm the cockles of your heart. It's not a small bowl mind you. Enough for 2 to share. It comes with a stick of garlic bread that goes well with the soup.

Since we had not had a lot of greens recently, i ordered a Caesar Salad. The last time i had the salad here, it was rather small. But, my brother and i were in for a shock when the bowl came. It was  .. huge!! I guess the feedback of tiny salads the last time i was here, was taken seriously.  I tot it was because i told the proprietress that all dishes are for sharing, but my neighbor in the next table had the same size caesar salad bowl. With lots of bacon, croutons and not to jelakky dressing and lots of green to boot, it's addictive. And to top it off, it's served with hard boiled quail eggs. I don't think it is fantastically healthy but... hey, it's pork. :) Who can say no to bacon?

By this time, i was almost busting in the seams, and thank god the pasta was not as large as the salad. It's a pork sausage pasta in meat tomato sauce. I like the spicy kick in this sauce, it's probably chilli flakes or some  paprika. This was quickly polished up and ... both of us cannot move after that............. If you don't like tomato based sauce, you can try their cream based sauces.

These are all from the Ala-Carte menu, but you can try their specials which is listed on the mirrors on the wall.  I am getting crossed eye looking @ the picture below.

Check out their week day promotions on pasta! 50% off!  It's a bit pricey here, but the food size and taste is worth it. Especially with Bacon *grin*

Ground Floor, 1-Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel – 03-7726-5327
Open Weekdays 10:30am-10pm


  1. this Dave's is the same one that has been opened since like the first day of 1-Utama rite? remember seeing it ages ago.. but it looks sorta different now

  2. Yup. the one Opp TGIF and next to a vegetarian restaurant. It's not bad, i like the soup - really a must try. But... bring super flash. Place is dark...

  3. Was it formerly known as Dave's Deli?

    Good to know one more restaurant that serves pork.


  4. @kianheong: No leh. it's always dave. Initially i thot it was an upmarket dave's deli but then i understand there is completely no relation!

  5. Hey, I miss this dave restaurant... The last time we went there was like 4 years ago and we never had the chance to go back there again. :( The food was kinda good even back then, it's a bit on the pricey side.

  6. NY was just telling me about this place and its great pork...

  7. @Bact: yeah, should give it a try. Not something you can eat every week but a once in while thing is good :)(on pocket and size)
    @JS: Yup, that's the one. Rare porky place @ oneU. User to get discount to when bro was in IBM... ah... perks.

  8. uhhh, makes me hungry looking at the photos...

  9. @Am: u need to try this when you come back!



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