Saturday, 13 March 2010

King Crab - Mom's B'day dinner

Things i have learned over the years / recently: 
  •  2 years ago - on March 8, 2008, we celebrated my mother's b'day at King Crab. That was the day of the historic 2008 elections were the opposition beat the shit / crap / skin out of our government.  We all hoped for change but sadly... we is still politicking like nobody's business and nothing really has changed so far. Don't arrest me for putting this statement up! It's True!
  • My parents really really like king crab the restaurant :D.  I think we have been here many times! Well i did like the opp to take the photos with my DSLR. The last few times i was there, it was with my not so canggih camera.  
  • My parents are slowly trusting my taste in food ordering * bigger grin *
Selection of restaurants for 15 people + 1 last minute guest is a nightmare. My cousins and i moan and groan when we need to plan for such events.  Especially when some eat more than the rest -_-, small size meals are a pain in the ***.  Also changing the menu to Western food is not a good idea in my family because it doesn't feed them well. Sigh .. relatives ... they are as they are .. but they are also my rock in times of need.  So .. ah relatives, if you see this .. dun whack me!
Mom's Bday-036
My damn cute nephew who beat me in Blokkus and photojacking my photos that day. He was in this previous post as well :) Wearing specs! Welcome to the family of specs. 

King Crab has been around for some time and still remains a perennial favorite for people who like seafood. Price ranges, are somewhat similar to Pantai but i think it might be a tad cheaper. Choices of seafood, Pantai, still has the most. However, King Crab serves a kickass Sang Har meen which has in my books, reach the top ( much better than Greenview imho). But.. 15 pax of Sang Har meen was gonna cost my dad a bomb so.. "pass".

I did the selection of dishes this year to give everyone something different to taste - otherwise we end up eating the same dishes over and over again.

Mom's Bday-025

Since it is my mom's B'day, noodles is a must. We went for their King Noodles. Done more of a stir fried rather than something soupy. I called for small because i just want everyone to have a taste ( since we have rice and all ) but it sorta disappeared with a poof.

One thing King Crab does well is this Lily bud and Lotus root vegetable. Available with and without scallop. Of course we went for the later. However, because we have been here quite often - everyone noticed the Macadamia nuts were missing from the dish! How's that for observant relatives. Nevertheless it was a nice dish, simple and effective. It's also my mom's favorite dish as she loves the lily bud. Think in cantonese it is called "pak-hup".
Mom's Bday-026
It's my mom's b'day but my dad could not resist and order of pork ribs which was the Guinness stout pork ribs. Extremely fragrant and irresistible to people who like their meats + alcohol. Only grip some bits of the pork were a bit large hence making it tough. But if you pick the smaller pieces and lick the sides of it ( especially the edges ) the taste is most awesome
Mom's Bday-027

Not so great pics on my part for the below as i have not figured out how to take pictures of 2 fishes stuffed together on a plate! We ordered 2 fei chau yue as one will not be enough for 15 persons especially if we behave like pirahanas. So 2 fish. One big and one slightly smaller. I should have told them to put it in 2 plates. -_-.  Actually this fish is only good in either Cheong Ching or Assam Ching. Just plain steamed ... tastes rather unusual and does not suit the texture of the fish meat. (IMHO)
Mom's Bday-031

Crispy skin chickened adorned with keropok. I only had 1 piece of chicken :( and the keropok disappeared before i could say "Boo?".
Mom's Bday-030

Another of mom's favorite - aubregines or brinjals done with spicy sauce and pork. This is the first time we ordered this and it was quite good with rice. Ooh look! Cup photojacking the picture -_-
Mom's Bday-028

A shellfish dish to round up the meal, kam hiong style which king crab does rather well. I like to see the pile of shells on people's plate after eating this. Then i know who eats the most shellfish in each session :D. Can't say much here as i don't eat shellfish but judging by how fast this was finished, this must have passed the taste test.
Mom's Bday-033

The weather has been hell recently, we rounded off dinner with a dessert of longan and sea coconut ( no pics here ) which was cooling and refreshing.

Mom certainly had a good time, there was a lot of laughter and also gossiping about family events.  But next year.. we gotta go a new restaurant okay? 

The locale:
Restaurant King Crab
No 103-107, Jalan SS25/2
Taman Mewah Jaya
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 0378036999

King Crab also has private rooms but i am not sure if you need to pay certain amount to get those rooms.


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