Sunday, 13 September 2009

Restaurant Yu Kie @ Sri Damansara

Guess what.... ONLY TODAY... i discovered that blogger has a new menu type. I used to wonder why i was not able to do strike through fonts etc ... ah. Apparently i did not click to have the new menu. I must read up on blogger new updates more often instead of being OBSESSED with Restaurant City itself. Yeah! I have levelled up to Level 20 now! *bwahahaha*.

Anyway, my next few posts will be solely focused on chinese food - cheap chinese food that is that is around town. One of the places we went is Restaurant Yukie at Sri Damansara. This is not the first time i have posted it, but i am lazy to go look for it -lah in my archives. And guess why we came all over from Subang to Sri Damansara? To celebrate notti nephew's birthday at a tai chao restaurant *kakaka*..  He is quite a cheeky monkey telling me some time back that he didn't want to celebrate his b'day with us because he want to celebrate with his "friends". -_- .  The one that haughtily told my mother the shirt she bought for him was too big. Of course we buy a slightly bigger shirt for you. You wear it out like in a shake!. Cheeky bugger!

So cheeky fella had a tai chau dinner because cousin needed to accomodate about 18 persons and no less large eaters. I am ok with tai chau ... until i saw lizards on the restaurant wall  -__-... Urgh... big, fat and black. Gross. I decided NOT to sit next to the wall or near a wall.

Yukie is actually a very simple not very fancy place itself. Standard white plates and basic white tables ( and toilet of dubious cleanliness ) it's pride is more in the quality of food they serve. I did mention big eaters right? Their portions here are pretty generous but despite that- we walloped our second tables food. I hope i don't turn into a big fat whale later.

Food arrived pretty fast thanks to cousin who did pre-ordering. First up was their famous "Nam Yue" chicken wings ( fermented bean curd chook wings ) which i thought was pretty awesome. This plate is already partially polished off by the time it reached me. Tender and not dry ( like KFC ) this is quite addictive and nam yue does go off quite well when fried.

Oh... my father and i love this dish, however only a few places do it well - it either ends up too dry or too thin ( the pork ) or too salty. Fah nam yuk with Salted fish. This tasted pretty good but the pork was a bit on the fat side. Normally you need it to have just the right combination of fat and lean meat. So you end up eating either a lot of fat or just plain fat at times. Taste wise, right amount of saltiness, spicyness and salted fish-ness.

I always seem to get the ass of the fish facing me. -_-".  And this is one dish you cannot say "MOVE IT AROUND " and i was not in a position to move out of my seat easily. Hungry people will not adjust seats for you! ( Begone! You... blogger! )  - The WB is a bit off in this picture but .. never mind lah. Eat blue fish. *hehe* Actually, this the first time for me to see wolfberry steamed with fish. However, it does not spoil the taste. The fish is pretty fresh and "cleaned" up in no time. Yes, we like our fish, us cat people.

Ah... my dad discovered Enoki mushrooms here... This is a lo hon chai dish with lots of mushrooms and the mushrooms ( thank god ) is not the canned variety. After all the earlier meats, this is a nice refreshing change and was quickly eaten up by us again.

A rather spicy curry veggie came next. I like it but it was too jelakky after that - heavy use of coconut milk here. I noticed my uncle drenching the rice with the sauce. I wonder if he felt like a bloated whale later! The veggie by the way consists of brinjal, cabbage, long beans etc ....

My top votes go to the chicken wings and fish ( for freshness ). Now, despite the heavy meal - NEPHEW wanted CAKE for his birthday... well can't be help cause it is his birthday. Cousin got a small cake from Tong Kee bakery. This was quite amusing as mom quipped up "TVB Cake!" - ?? .... Ever noticed that Hong Kong serials, when the show a birthday party, there is a cake that is filled with fruits? Well mom thinks it looks like one from a tvb drama. She can be so... amusing at times. It taste alright - not like those from BBO or Just Heavenly... ( If they told me earlier - i could other a smashing cake here ) but hey i still ate it since it is cake!

My other pictures of the cake and the whole dinner is filled with pictures of fingers from my relatives. Really. They can't put their fingers out of the pictures. It's so annoying and i can't photoshop them away! There are even more strange finger photos that i did not post up ... ...

Anyway my overall rating - Not a bad place to go - mind you no air con and a bit of fly trap at times but has good dishes that deserves a try if you are in the Sri Damansara area. You get value for money here.

Cheeky fella - hope you had a great b'day - i am glad you decided to spend it with us :)  From Uncle Lil Bro and Aunty Naruto ( hahaha )

The locale
No. 1 Jalan Meranti SD 13/4
Bandar Sri Damansara PJU 9
52200 Kuala Lumpur


  1. WOw! the cake still looks amazing, the birthday boy looked so amazingly happy! :)

  2. Attractive pictures and review!

  3. Anonymous6:51 pm

    hahaha ... luckily, after repeated experiences with the nosy blogger (me), even my dining companions will assist in whichever way possible, ie
    arrange the plates, hold the food for me etc etc. :)

  4. @BBO: Can't beat your cake lah. Birthday boy is happy - so much $$ that nite * grin *

    @Shell: Thanks! Yours as well.

    @J2KFM: sigh. They are still not used to food bloggers- luckily i have converted my dad already.



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