Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Sun Motor Hunt 2009

This is a year of garbage. Why? Because...

1) we seemed to be parked next to the big garbage bin behind SDCC.
2) While going around Uptown... we followed a garbage cart who later followed us.
3) I stepped on garbage in Uptown -  [ unbeknown to my car mates ] heck, i was not even sure what it was ... did a bit of rain dance as well in front to get rid of the crap on my shoe.
4) Followed a few more garbage carts some where along the way ...

But luckily ... we did not end up being garbage and did quite an amazing position 28! So .. the tv did not go to us ... but never mind lah. Next year.... next year.

Anyway this year's questions are usual Dominic style, never take it so literally. It's literal but it is not ... Like the arsenal player one... gosh - actually it was quite a simple answer.  I guess our brains don't warm up till question 10. And btw Arsenal question was number 2.. we suffer from the 1st 2 questions give away syndrome.  I also suffer from the "i hate the 1st row in DU [ maybank ]" syndrome. In most of the hunts i had, i normally "fail" in thinking of any answer in that place.

Hunt fashion was similar to last year, instead of giving picture clues, they give you the address to start looking for your answers - which i thought was better than the Pictorial clue - helped to save a lot of time as well.

Treasure this year was .. weird. I would say.....  I was wondering why we had so much milo treasures... 0_0. However since i SUCK at treasures, i didn't really question it as i was more obsessed with the questions. Much thanks to CG though who helped - i think after a while he cannot tahan us already  lol!! :P...  

Hope to join for 2010 if i am still in Malaysia :)  ....  

Some pics of the event ... compared to last year's no picture thingy.

My dog fully supporting me! 

And later changing his mind... 

Ok, ok. so i torture my dog. *_*


  1. I wanted to participate in IBM TH also...but too bad this year's date clash with my family appointment...sob sob :(

  2. Hehe try external hunt lah - more challenging

  3. Cannot la, not pro enough :p



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