Monday, 16 November 2009

Restaurant Qian Li Xiang BKT @ USJ 1

So who here does not like BKT?  Apparently my parents. :) See the pun? Never mind. But it is strange that 2 non loving BKT people produce 2 kids that are big fans of BKT. Well, fans of BKT that does not have "spare parts" according to my brother. LOL. Both of us really started eating this, when we started working. Obviously when my parents do not like it, it is not like they are going to start taking us to eat it. But, with colleagues and all, we manage to find a way to eat this rather unique malaysian dish.

It's suprising to know, my cousin in Australia, who has emigrated there most of her life, is a big fan of this dish! No smelly dish, unlike her distaste for the king of fruits, she gobbles up BKT like a throughbred malaysian with gusto.
This was ages ago, when both my brother and i came here. I think around late September, when my parents were not at home, we decided to indulge in our favorite BKT. This place, is near USJ1, the new row of shops opposite Giant supermarket. Supposedly famous i guess, from Klang.  The place was relatively quiet at 12pm, so we found a spot for us. Brother and i have this thing that we don't like about BKT places, and it is their hot water stands. Some how or rather i feel it is quite dangerous to put it there. So we picked one place that is furthest from it.

Qian Li Xiang serves not only BKT (dry and soup) but if you fancy fish as well, [ NOT IN BKT FORM ] but steamed etc, they have it as well. Since it is only the 2 of us, we went for BKT soup. I like dry but some how cannot convince Lil Bro to try that. And thank god we did not order both dry and soup.

We like our BKT with lots and lots of crullers to go with the soup, so a big bowl for us. Could be better if this was slightly crunchier, I felt this crullers lari angin already!. But nevertheless for dipping it was quite alright. 

Mandatory greens, we went for simple lettuce, stir fry in oil, garlic and a bit of Oyster sauce. Good to balance the meats that was about to come. Quite alright this dish, and in fact we walloped the veggie clean.

The star of the day is obviously the BKT. I don't think i am good at sizing how much we can eat but when the waiter said that for 2 persons is 2 orders, i think i will stick to my gut feeling that 1 person portion is sufficient. And we ordered non spare parts version, so there was a lot of meat in this dish. Amazingly, now all BKT places understand the english sentence of "NO SPARE PARTS, please" and they promptly bring you just the meat. 

Meat was tender, not tough and the sauce is the way i like it. Herby and dark. I hate the pale ones and not too herby kind but this one, mixed with the rice ( or drowned in my case ) was good enough. Although, i still have preference for the shop in puchong. But this is good enough for me and near enough for me. And there is refill of soup :) .... 

Only gripe i had were the drinks and rice. Drinks, we ordered Wong Loh Kat, pointing to the picture that was on the wall but what came was leong sui that does not taste remotely like wong loh kat.  I didn't really bother to pick fight with the waiter, but think they should be a bit more honest in serving the right drinks to people.  And the rice, is oil rice or Yau fan as they call it. No white rice, no yam rice here - So for those who are easily jelaked, take note.

The Locale:
Restaurant Qian Li Xiang,
Jalan SS13/1K 
It's opposite Giant across the abandoned building project, on the new row of shops in USJ 1. Can't miss it. 

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