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Restaurant Chi Ka Yin @ Bandar Puteri Puchong ( ADV: .. sorta )

Long time no blog :(. I have been drowing in documents of late and by the time i get home i am mentally pooped. However, it does not mean i didn't eat. I did eat and take pictures. Only that  i am damn lazy to actually do anything else. And this is beginning to sound very familiar like dejavu only! Did i write this a few months back? And btw - this post is BEFORE my italy trip lah aiyo. 

Anyway, this sorta like a ADV only that i don't get sponsored to write this, neither did i get a free meal either *grin* but it deserves a write up because the restaurant is owned no other than by my big boss. :) Yes, the one that took us to makan the rather large steam fish heads in Jalan Chan sow lin. He opened up a brand new restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong called Chi Ka Yin which in hakka means - our own people.... Ok, in cantonese is chee kee yan... you get the drift .... By the way, we also went to his restaurant to have a farewell for my best friend FF who is leaving the company after 11( or 10 ) years, am sad to see her go but i know she made the choice that is right for her... lady of leisure ... *grin*

This(restaurant) has been many months in planning, hell, in fact we were all in the planning for my big boss's restaurant and we could not help listen to the planning because my big boss has a very loud voice. Lol!!  We could hear/share his frustration when the renovation works were slow and when things had a bit of hiccup. And i was pretty proud we got to be one of the 1st few/10 that got to go there a bit earlier to sample his cooking. ( U know... 10 years working here this is the first time i am eating his cooking!)

We braved the puchong jam from KL Sentral to finally reach his restaurant... by that time, i was tired, hungry and not very eager to take photos. And some... were already eating by the time we were there..... kakaka.

Just as we sat down, food begin to arrive - albeit a bit kelam kabut. Food first but no rice plate... After a few times of asking, finally rice came! 1st day opening blues mah..... :) Never mind, never mind.

My Big Boss's "chiew pai" dish ( signature ) is Chuen Khuen. I was told he used to make this for a lot of people when we were based in TPM but then ... i never ate it before! Anyway this is my first time eating and yes it is extremely tasty.   There is definitely pork in here but i am not sure what else is inside. You can dip it in chilli sauce if you like but i like mine plain to enjoy the taste of the Chuen Khuen ( rolls )

The other dish served was the braised roast duck. The duck is roasted in a lot of chinese herbs and then some sauce is dripped on the duck before serving. Thumbs up from me for not having that gamey duck smell. The duck was tender as well as tasty.  

Next, is a traditional hakka dish, which is Hakka Abacus. I have seen some purplish in color but this one is considered "normal" color.  I believe it is made of yam flour. Different places cook it differently, in my boss's case, it is cooked with mushrooms, some pork. Actually this would be my first time eating and i find this is a rather strange dish! It is soft, salty a whole lot of flavors at one go. I must try this again later to get a better taste but it's not that bad.

A dish i did not try for some reason because there were so many dishes floating around that day but this is Ham Choy ( pickled veggie and fish ) interesting dish. Good for those craving for something sour to boost one's appetite. 

Another pork dish rolling in, curry pork ribs. Not bad, i like. No smell, pretty yummy and just enough kick to get you going. Honestly, pork is the only meat i don't eat curry in for some reason. It's always chicken, beef or fish but for me eating pork curry is a first time here. This one, one round sap sai because it has sauce.

He doesn't have mui choi kau yoke but has yam kau yoke ( forgot the name of yam in cantonese ) here. Lots of spices this dish, i can taste it, but i like it because of the smell and of course the 3 layer pork., only complain for big boss, a bit bigger lah the dish :) ... must eat more mah.  I only had 1 piece woh.  Look at the nice layers of pork,... All this time while we were busy gobbling, my boss was busy cooking in the kitchen! He had no time to entertain us!

Followed by one other dish of chicken which was pretty strange in my books, first time makan, it's yam chicken. The yam is slightly mashed and cooked with the chicken which was fried. Not bad though, first time tasting this combination. Actually by this time, we were pretty stuffed already, couldn't put in more stuff in my tummy. ( We actually had double helping for certain items )

Not sure if this is part of the menu but we got free dessert! Which is a hit among us - it's simple coconut jelly.  You can't see it clearly here because it is white, and i used no flash that day .. for some reason. See the white stuff on the jelly, its coconut ( young coconut ) and after eating all the heaty food, plopping one of these babies into your mouth is heaven. 

Some pics did not make it here - because i was a bit lazy that day - tee hee.... So what do i think? It's not bad for a first time restaurant. It's simple ( he doesnt have steam fish by the way but has soup for those who like soup ) and if you are looking for a meal with the family it's a good place. We were there on the first day so we experience some 1st day blues but i am sure it will all work out. Oh... er portion sedikit besar would be even better. Or we were too hungry that day ... -_____-"  

Oh.. the gift we got him for his restaurant. A super duper big Fortune cat... Tada.... Check out the size compared to my cup.

The locale:

Jalan Puteri 2/6, Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong, Selangor. 

P/S: I am not paid for this write up but thought it is not a bad place to share with people looking fo a simple meal. Gosh and my big boss does not know i do food blogs *hides*...  Aiya but he sure know it's me lah once he reads this. He has my pics :P

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  1. Sure your boss is adventurous. Nice!



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