Monday, 21 September 2009

Restaurant Kepala Ikan CSL @ Jalan Chan Sau Lin

Before we start the post, Selamat Hari Raya everyone! Those travelling - hope every one had a safe trip back and forth and those not, well just enjoy yourselves :) Me? I like long long weekends *yeah*

This would one of my out of league places i really go to and if not because i went to tupai tupai to pay deposit for a bukan puasa event, i would not be going here. Ok, besides i was not driving, one of my big bosses drived so 7 of us trouped in his rather large car to go makan. Initially all of us thought we were going for Yue Tau mai but turns out this is "steam" fish head restaurant. How can we possibily hear wrongly all 6 of us.  Anyway, i was promised the restaurant is aircon - so.. ok lah for me. And this would be a continuation of my chinese restaurant series for some time :) 

Restaurant Kepala Ikan CSL is of course in Jalan Chan Sau lin and story has it, this place used to be under a large tree where at the same time you eat your fish head, you enjoy leaves, lizards as part of your menu as well. Sounds gruesome right? Well,  upgrade has happened moved to a proper restaurant, i worry less about lizards and leaves now.

The speciality of the place is actually steamed fish head ( but silly me - i have no idea what sort of type of fish head it is to begin with )  and of course other dishes that you may find extremely yummy. 

For 7 persons ( 2 guys and 5 ladies ) we had 2 type of fish head, one meat dish, some la-la dish and 2 vegetables. Talk about heavy lunch. And while waiting for food, i took some test shots - of a lalat protector for the soy sauce bottle. Ingenious and cheap isn't it? Probably you can try this at home and save you the need to go and buy a special bottle just for this purpose. 

First up - steam fished with meat sauce and chilli.  I can't really recall what the name of the sauce was again but could be Jiong Jing style. You could barely hear yourself here in the restaurant. And it was quite crowded as there was a tour bus here!  It's only the head and the fish is served in a large plate drowning with sauce... Scoping aside the sauce, i tried some of the flesh and yes it was fresh and yummy. No "soil" smell as one would say but i heard my colleague say there was ( ha.. i tot i fussy but her nose is better than mine! )  The sauce goes well with rice as well so prepare to be carbed up in this place.

The next fish dish, now i do remember this because it is my favorite style of steaming a fish, with lots of ginger as it enhances the flavor of the fish and also really no soil smell in this case.  And again, fish was fresh and yummy. Very popular choice here this style and the makan gang also preferred this style of eating. However one thing we notice of this fish, it had a bit of fatty meat near the cheeks like you know "chicken fat" so this must be a fish of pretty fat in nature. Not all fish have this but some fish have that layer of fat in them.

Now, finish is not enough, since i organized the buka puasa event, big boss let me ordered my favorite Mui Choy Kau Yuk here :) In Porky heaven is all i could say. And a rather large plate along with 3 layer pork came ... *GRIN* The meat was succelent and tender. Well marinated and cooked with the 3 layer pork makes it even more tasty!  Only one comment was the mui choi was not alot, would be better if we have that a little more. Someone commented this was fat but really what is mui choi kau yoke without fat, scoop up the oil, flick it aside and don't mix your rice with the sauce! It's the killer!

Lala was up next, ordered by the other big boss that join us. He heard it was good so decided to try and a rather large plate of shellfish was plopped on our table ( pretense of fine dining is truly lost in this place every thing is as simple as a-b-c). Verdict from the group [Since i no partake in this] was this was so so, not so great that they can shout about it. It was done in ching tong style.

The veggies were standard, fresh as expected from chinese restaurant.   

Anyway, plus drinks etc it cost us 12.60 per person and there were 7 of us. Quite good value for money here for all of us.  Everyone had quite an enjoyable lunch and pratically every thing was walloped up! ( 5 GIRLS and 2 guys  - quite amazing ya?)  If you are interested in dining here, note that on week days it opens only day time for lunch while they open from 5pm till 10pm for weekends. Go early or make a booking if required.

The locale:
Jalan 5, Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin
Kuala Lumpur


  1. Lala-loh...yummy yummy. I like lala so much :p aikkss...hungry jor!

  2. Anonymous6:13 pm

    love to scoop those jelly like brain mess inside those big fish heads.
    there's one rather good one, beside the flyover on Old klang Road.

  3. Two fishes and two dishes but only RM12+ per person? Very cheap leh!

  4. @Uli: hmm i not really like lala or any shellfish - but everyone seems to... big boss said it was so so only at this place.

    @motormouth: eh?? really? i like the cheeks more hehehe - my ah tai used to like the eyes 0_0. Yeah i heard of the old klang road one.

    @Jason: Yeah it was with so many dishes. Thank god for cheap, nice chinese food



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