Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ang Kee - SS2. Cheap, good food...

In these economically challenged days, we do look for cheaper food (yet tasty ) to eat. I am quite sure a lot of you all noticed, prices of food even during lunch hours has gone up a dollar and portions either shrunk or remained the same. So it means even when we go for group makan - budgets must be managed. No more high society dining, back to the basics for us :).... at least till we can all afford it!. I could soon become a cheap eats guide!

I have been meaning to try Ang Kee for ages ever since looking at it in WMW's blog. The picture temptations there were extremely torturous. However, we get either distracted by other options that are aplenty in KL.

Ang Kee is situated along the same row ( at the back ) of the Cheow Yang restaurant and parking wise, not too bad. The famous batu road Chilli Pan meen also calls itself home on the same row. Turns out the owner of Ang Kee, formerly cooks in the cafeteria of Help Institute in KL? How i know this? Makan kaki J discovered that. Former student of the college, he recognized the owner immediately and strike up a conversation with him.

In my mind, Ang Kee is famous for 2 things - The la-la fried noodles and the sunny side up egg on tofu.... With 4 of us, a kid not counting we ordered 3 dishes and 1 noodle.
I was late for the dinner, not because i was the one that practice fashionably late * cough * but heck traffic was hell that day. I remember yelling over the phone to J to order this dish - hahahaha ... *ORDER GUINESS PORK RIBS* and so happen i was in front of a toll counter. I swear the lady collecting money thought i was weird. I love food that is infused with alcohol as the combination is quite intense in my books. I quite like this dish as it smelt like it was from heave and the ribs had no pork smell. Thumbs up here!.

I think we found the tastiest dish in the world, but the simplest to make. It's a hor pau tan + soft white tofu - and lots of soy sauce to boot. See the egg yolk oozing over the taufu? It is unbelievably taste on nice soft white rice. I can't believe such a simple dish is so excellent! I can just eat this on it's own without the other dishes that we ordered.

Ah, one of the moments i completely lost focus during photographing... T_T... I am not sure what i was during then - but then it turned out to be a pretty ok picture - well i can make something funny out of it. Hence the emphasis of pointing to the prawn pictures. It's ang kee's ever fehmes (famous) Butter mantis prawns. I had this dish first before the lala fried noodles - so some how the taste of this is deeply embedded in me. La la noodles tasted pretty ordinary to me after that. One thing, the mantis prawn dish can be quite jelakky if cold, so ensure you have a big group to share this dish - or rather spread the jelak across everyone else.

This was the lala noodles with lard ( hence la-la lardy goodness, get it? sorry bad pun ) Lots of lala for us. [ though i do not eat it ] and lots of lard added to give the noodles some extra "smell". Actually, when the waiters brought it past me, the whiff of this noodles was pretty mind blowing. The noodles to me, as explained earlier though, didn't have much taste for me that night maybe due to the other dishes. In fact it is a bit spicy as they chopped up bird's eye chilli to give the dish a freaking kick. Bro and Makan kaki J thought it was awesome though - i must retry this dish again when i my taste buds are no so overwhelmed.

To balance off all the meats, fats we had normal green veggie - which i am featuring because i like the color. And i also ate most of it. :)

Four dishes cost us about RM79 - for 4 and 1/2 person - one kid involved and it's not that bad since we had mantis prawns here. I heard their assam fish fillet was pretty awesome as well here - so i can't wait to go for the next round. Did we get discount i hear you say because Makan Kaki J was a ex patron- don't think so, except for a pat in back and a "long time no see" comment - dang.

Ang Kee warrants a return again and again, with an impressive list of food ( including Sang Har Meen which i saw people trying ) And if you are looking for a decent place to eat, don't give this a miss. I wonder if my other makan gang want to come here or not - *hint,hint*

Here is the locale:
Restaurant Ang Kee
50, SS2/10 ( Same row as the fantastically large Kayu Nasi Kandar )


  1. Your food photos getting yao ar ^^

  2. Good lens helps - i rarely pshop except for the fonts

  3. Nice piccies. I like Ang Kee for the tofu dish too. Can replicate that at home :D



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