Sunday, 27 September 2009

Waroeng Penyet @ the curve

Ah........ no more chinese food for a while but my other type of food which i like - Indonesian food - particularly Sundanese food. And since my bandung trip, i am craving for Sup buntut tulang, penyet and batagor.  And i remembered Waroeng Penyet in the curve. It's been there for some time but i have never really tried it because parents are rather adverse to trying new things ( that are not japanese, chinese or korean ) so we try it first ( we meaning lil'bro and me )

Also, i wanted to go to DAISO that day - so... what better excuse.  This is really a no frills restaurant and authentically run by indonesians as when i spoke the waiter, i notice the lilt in which indonesians speak in. Now, that is what i called authentic.

Besides the accent - the drinks are authentic as well - yes direct from Indonesia .. Poopy Elephant Drink! Teh Sosro lah.. no offense to anyone but my cousins thought this drink smelled weird ( during our bandung trip ) wherelese my brother and i thought it rocked! I think it is the type of tea used but the smell of jasmine makes up for it. Smell aside, the drink really quenches one's thirst.

In bandung, we fell in love with their sup buntut tulang. This is a real pick me up and on a cold day that day, this soup warms you up inside. It's not spicy but something they put in here makes you like it alot. By the way it is not "buntut" as in butt but buntut because it is Ox tail soup. This goes so well with rice, and i saw my brother - habis makan the beef.  Guess it must be tender, where else i was just obsessed with rice soup.

Now the mains we both had different - brother is a big big fan of bakso which is beef ball noodles. The beef balls here is not the smooth ones you have in chinese shops rather it looks lumpy and i heard it is mixed with fish paste. In waroeng penyet, you can have this with just soup only or ask for noodles to be added. The portion is not fantastically huge for this as bakso seems to be a snack rather than a main meal. One thing, i think this soup taste quite similar to some of the chinese noodle dish i had in ipoh, chinese celery i think so it is really strange an indonesian dish, tastes vaguely like chinese noodles.

I wanted penyet for some reasons - so i ordered the standard penyet which came in a basket- yeah.. chicken in basket. Flattened chicken that is.

It doesn't really looked flattened to me but it looks butterfly cut. It's marinated in heck a lot of herbs and taste extremely nice - bro did not really like penyet because he feels it is a bit dry but not really in this case, plus with excellent soup just now on the rice i didn't think it was so. It comes with some measly cucumber, some kick ass chilly which i avoided and tahu goreng.

I skipped the batagor this time around as i was stuffed already. Total damage is around RM20+ but good for me as it made me think of our interesting trip to bandung.  Cheaper than my air asia ticket :)

People who love indonesian food, check this out at:

Waroeng Penyet
1st Floor, The curve
Unit 132, Kota Damansara
47810, Petaling Jaya

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  1. That is fake teh botol... but it's made for export market, so probably paper packed is better.



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