Thursday, 3 September 2009

Merdeka day celebrations...

This is a short quick post on what we did on merdeka day. My cousins and i, being older, wiser, and a lot more richer than we were as kids (nyek -nyek ) decided to organize a cousin sponsored event for our aunts and uncles. The uncles and aunties are all lazy to organize now, so it is our generation to get something going. Not all of us are fantastic cooks - so we had the store bought variety. *Sheepish*

I woke up early that day as it was a busy day rushing around and guess what i found in my back yard - hiding....under our buckets and old fashion chinese stove... a pretty tortoiseshell mama cat ( she is a stray btw ) and her aka-chans ( babies ). I don't think they are newborn, the kittens look about 3-4 weeks old. Here she is sort of posing for me... ( well no, it is just the angle was perfect as if she is peeking at the camera. This is followed by hissing - when my camera got too close.
Her young uns looks like this, unfortunately i cannot get close enough to flip them and take pictures and neither did i want to remove the bucket that was covering them in case i frightened them. Check out the tiny neko mimi ( ears ) here... unfortunately- there is no one that looks like momma in terms of color. They came out seperately as brown, white and black!

My mom was ok with them there till she found out they were having diarrhea and have to have them removed in case they infected my dogs. :(.

Back to merdeka celebrations. Despite it was a sponsored cousin event, my mom decided to back her world famous cakes. She is pretty good in this area. And for this event she made a simple Chocolate Raisin cake! Yes, from her trusty Australian woman's weekly ( magazine sponsored by yours truly )

It's a pretty weird combination actually when you think of it, but the slightly sourish raisins and sweet chocolate is quite nice. I love cakes with fruits of any kind inside as it gives it a more moist texture. The original recipe had a ganache topping in which we opted not to add for "slimming" reasons. But it tasted just as good without the topping. The cake was a hit in the family gathering later that day.

So much for this post, back end of the week for the continuation of Merdeka festivaties.

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