Monday, 31 August 2009

8,18, 23, 28,43 at Daorae Korean BBQ @ Hartamas

I am glad my makan group has grown slightly larger recently. With JL and LW joining the group we can go and eat stuff like Korean BBQ! Which needs a big group of us to go and makan. Sometimes Mashi and i do go just the two of us but the portion of food leaves us er a bit too much to handle! I do love korean food very much, after Japanese food and am glad the community of koreans in malaysia is large enough for us to sample some really yummy food from korea. Now, if only the nice Indonesian community would have some restaurants set up then i am a happy cat here. *Sup ekor* :)

You may wonder why the strange title here in this post. It's because that this is the number in the menu of the dishes we ordered from Daorae. All very ong numbers :)

JL recommended this place as his favorite so the rest of us promptly agreed to go there on a fine hot night in KL. Now, you can't miss Daorae in Hartamas as it is near the Burger King joint and on the top floor row of shops. And boy, this place is really nicely decorated! I felt i was walking into a different place. And everyone greats you quite enthusiastically while you are there... yes yes, anyang ha sae yo.... *bows*

We got a room because yea, we qualified as a big group and oooh it looks a bit like some studio from a korean drama. Doesn't it look like it? :) Ordered some tea immediately, we were a thirsty lot that day. And Mashi and i thought the tea tasted like dishwash water! However, later we found out it is a type of tea that gave that "dishwater" taste. ( FYI: my parents came here later and they did not find the dishwater tea taste strange.... ). For some reason today, i was obsessed about cutlery pictures, so i found that at the end of the day, i had a lot of cutlery pictures -_-". Here is one of them. So that i can remember the name of the shop.

We ordered 3 types of BBQ, one soup ( 2 services ), jap chae ( 2 servings! ) and also korean kimchi pancake and the usual barbecue meats which was quite a lot, after the appetizers they stuffed, i mean provided us with. Just to give you a view of the appetizers.... look at the pics below. My favorite is the pasta like one and the kimchi dishes (not too spicy and good to cure colds!). No one liked that flat potato one which was rather cold. In fact- we did not even know it was potato in the first place!

Now, the place at Daorae are good at noticing what you like to eat so they will refill these bowls after awhile. Let's just say we stuffed our selves with appetizers. And to prove to you how many "refills" we had - take a look at this: Amazing what 6 hungry people can do.

Part of the meal includes a free hot soup. Hot in more ways than one. Looking at the above, one would think this is just a simple chicken broth with some big headed bean sprouts but after further tasting, the "heat" of the soup hits you. Boy, was it spicy. Sent a few of us coughing haplessly and reaching for the cold water immediately. Should you feel down and want a immediate boost - er try this Daorae - life boosting soup!

My all time favorite korean food is actually Jap Chae - i never fail to call this dish. Now, i don't have a full picture here of the dish, just what i scooped into my plate. I am voting this the best Jap Chae i have eaten so far in KL. Better than the ones i had in Desa Petaling or even Kyo-Hang (midvalley). It was so good, - we had 2 plates :). But to be fair to us, er the dish was rather small. Good for a family of 4 but for 6 persons, 2 plates is more sufficient.

The other stars of the day were the meats, only 1 picture here despite having 3 types of meat, but you know we ate a lot :) I like the look of the beef here though, red enough that it would make a vampire drool and marbled enough to be tasty for humans. By the way, it's not kobe or anything like that. But still good stuff. Compared to Bonga, i still say Bonga has really yummier pork and beef though.

I think the best Ginseng Chook soup is here at Daorae ..... it looks as plain as jane but never underestimate something from face value. Served steaming hot here in a stone bowl, this bowl is filled with a whole chicken and grind rice at the bottom. It is not spicy hot but has this lovely taste to it and you can see whole ginsengs inside, the size of my little finger. If you like more meat, you can eat some of the chook as well.

I really like Korean pan cakes and i never fail to order them and in Daorae, we had their kim chi pancakes. It looks quite red actually that one would think color is added into the pancake. But actually the color of the kimchi has rubbed off on the eggs/pancake. The texture of the pancake is not like those of the english variety - more uumph to it ( i think potato flour is being used for this ). However, this is rather oily so order to share and not have a exxon mobil episode after eating this. Most of their pancake offerings are seafood variety - i have yet to see one with pork, chicken or a plain variety.

I must say after the double helpings of soup and jap chae we were well and truly stuffed. Total damage was around RM60 per person but since our outings is once a month, still affordable. Parking cost an extra RM5 :(. Argh. Daorae is so popular, they have branches in USJ, Puchong and a few other areas besides hartamas.

DAORAE GARDEN (Tel : 03-6203-2616)
No.9, 1st Floor, Plaza Crystal Ville Center,
Jalan 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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