Sunday, 16 August 2009

Shin Chan Ramen@ Solaris

Boy, this is a SUPER old post. This was when mashi and i went for our birthday lunches. Yes we are evil twins born on the same day, few years apart and freakingly alike in some areas. We were called evil by one of our ex colleagues because he was freaked out by the both of us *cackle*. I manage to get a leave day on the 6th of July to do some stuff and both of us ORIGINALLY planned to go Dubrovnik.. But ha.... Dubrovnik was closed monday :( .... argh.... So next back up plan - ... let's go japanese. We found Shin Chan along the roads in hartamas and decided to pop in ( after missing a few japanese places which were closed that day as well. argh )

First thing when i went into Shin Chan... OoOh. i want to know who their interior decorator is. I like .... i want house like that. Dim likes, nice dark seats ... hmm looks a lot more like a showroom. And so cosy... must get the name of their decorator next time.

And, i love this mosaic! How unique! I remember seeing this in tokyo before but never expected it here. The walls of Shin Chan is actually pasted up with this mosiac pics of different types of Ramen. By now, you would have guess that the speciality of this place is ... RAMEN :). I find that ramen shops are pretty rare in KL. So far, i know of the shop in 1U that serves ramen ... and mostly people seem to blog about sushi more than ... ramen... Oh by the way... the sign on my picture ... is wrong. it's not ton - chan it's Shin Chan. I am / was too lazy to modify it again!

Since it was lunch, we did not order so heavy, just went for the specialty which is ramen in this case. Options are plenty till a point, we were not sure what to order, after many back flipping of the menu.

Mashi went for the braised pork ramen. It looks like our chinese braise pork ( though the picture ain't that great here ) with ramen. Yes, pic is a bit dark but there is a big piece of pork floating in the noodles. Her feedback was this is not bad, pork is thick with the right, fat, meat ratio. Now i know why when people say you have "fei chu lam yuk" means ... that layer - lol! I went for the tan tan noodles .. for some reason. It's not bad actually. The noodles are springy without being too hard. And the sauce is full of mince pork plus some hot soy beans mixed with it. It has some chinese veg (About 4 leaves ) and mostly it is noodles. Not bad. Slurp worthy soup as well.

Not satisfied with just noodles we ordered our selves a snack which i thought in my mind was rather a big mistake . I was expecting FRESH button mushrooms and not CAN button mushrooms. I have to admit, for rm8 or 12, it was better it is fresh mushrooms. It had this can smell in which i am not really fond off. Sigh. ok this one was a rip off for me. I won't order this again. Pass, skip, next... Just don't order this. By the way they had other appetizers here so i might try the rest except these shrooms.

The restaurant has a menu of set meals as well for those who like noodles, with drinks etc. Also rice boxes area available for those who do not like noodles. I must say i am quite ok with the noodles, never tasted such nice noodles outside of Tokyo. I don't mind the place for a quick noodle craving, however, only if i have craving. :)

Just a final parting shot of the interior and another picture of mosiac ramen. Hmm. I must tell my interior decorator of this in future.

The locale:
19, Jalan Solaris 4,
Solaris, Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur


  1. The place is very pretty. Kewl, you gave the noodles a thumbs up. I love ramen, so will definitely give this place a try.

  2. nice food with the great and cozy environment...

  3. @ll: Yes only ramen ah. Shrooms, gosh they can keep it.
    @Uli: Don't eat the mushrooms but noodles good.



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