Sunday, 9 August 2009

HOE, HOE, HOEGAARDEN ... @ Brussels Beer Cafe

I went out with my makan crew some 3 weeks back. ( oh... this is a so long delayed post, i am not sure what i am doing now ... ah yes, restaurant city on fb ). The makan crew i used to know seems a little bit more tired and pooped out. Everyone is having their fair share of work related ups and down. So, NY suggested BEER and Pork to relax. And hey... he even did the organizing [ despite his busy schedule ] :) thank goodness!

[BTW: I only finished 3/4 of the above cup - i am definitely not a drinker ]

Before the event he was already stressing he needs 5pint beer .... however the rest of us were dreamly more at what we should be eating. Well, 5 pint beer comes no other place than ... Brussel's Beer Garden in Jaya 1. This place, according to Walking contradiction, is growing faster than you can say boo. The last time she was here, BBG did not even occupy so much space surrounding it's place. And it is true, when Mashi and i were there for Kissaten - i don't recall them occupying till near er Starbucks -_-" .... Business is good here. And we choice friday for our meet up.

Funny thing this time around... i was the only person early. Normally i am the latest one... so i guess this time is for me to wait for everyone. I just felt odd ordering a beer, on my own, with a table for 8 PERSONS ..... ( and everyone staring at me for occupying such a big table *kakaka* ) i ordered green tea first :P

Finally, NY reached, and i was not alone! Occupying 8 seats.... Famished, we decided to order something to snack on first. This is supposed to be bacon wrapped sausages with dips. Actually, when i was there, i didn't think anything dubious yet... till i processed the pics below. -________-"... I think they look a bit rude don't they? I am such a prude. LOL. *HAHAHAHA*.. Ok they look terribly not like food but of something else. However! i must say they were ok. A bit dry for the wrapped bacon but sausages were tasty in my books. ( i hope this blog will not be censored due to rather ... suggestive looking food )

Slowly as we were eating.. the rest of the group trickled in and we started ordering more ..starters.. like ... sotong. Yes, squid ... chopped up into cute little pieces like below for consumption. Quite yummy this one.

We had some more appetizers and this time Deep Fried Pork Belly. Our obsession since Vintry times. And this was not bad. Not as sweet as Vintry but tender enough and goes well with the greens provided. In fact, this was so good, we ordered 2 plates. One thing though, they really meant belly fat as the fat was pretty thick in some pieces. There goes our cholestrol level. Anyway, i will run it off over the next few weeks.

Mussels was ordered. My least favorite seafood but the others enjoyed it. I believe this was mussels Primavera. The sauce was pretty flavorful with lots of bacon, vegetables put in. Not sure of the quality of mussels. I didn't get to ask the others what they thought off everyone was busy eating and catching up.

Customary carbs for everyone. Not bad this dish, rich yet not so jelakky. Of course shared among 8 people, you don't feel jelakky at all. I love the smell of the mushrooms to this dish ( among the cigarrette smell that crowded my nose ) and the mushrooms add a woody taste to the pasta which i like.

Oiy, the next dish, ( you see sausages were everyone's favorite that night ) if this what Beer Sausages taste like, mm i want more. We ordered this Belgian sausage that comes in a pair. Well long enough to feed 8 persons and with some side salad. Actually, i think it is sauerkraut. Some how, some juice / liquid is infused in the sausage, making it very juicy when you bite into it. Actually i thought it tasted beerish or cheesy ish but could not really tell the difference. I could eat this on my own.......... :P but then my diet would have been crushed - HAHAHA.
Finally, to top it off, we wanted dessert, so we ordered Belgian Waffles. This was alright, i found that after all the flavorful food above ( + beer ) i couldn't really taste this quite well. The batter for the waffle is quite crunchy not like the ones in A&W which can be quite soft or chewy at times. It comes with golden syrup, butter and some brownish sauce behind which we did not quite figure out what it was.

This is a good place to come and chat, catch up and eat some yummy food at the same time. However, if you are coming over friday, be there early. The place is packed by 8 pm and if you can't stand the smell of smoke like me, best to reserve. Definitely a place for a second round gathering. Oh, if you don't like pork... er don't come here... it's porky to the max. *oinks*

Brussels Beer Garden,
Unit 20, Jaya One (You can't miss this place )
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya


  1. awesome! awesome! I am just waiting for you to cheers with me! when argh? :(

  2. Next week? hehehe - i looking for people to share belgian sausages with me hahaha



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