Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bee Giak - Ipoh Selatan

The above ... is my current state of mine. I am extremely .... annoyed, upset with things going on in work. Who wants to hire a rather old business analyst?? Please inquire within.

Oh btw, .. this is also a very long post, luckily still in the month of August. Hahaha. I have been pretty addicted to the FB game of Restaurant City, that blogging is like so much slower now. Don't get addicted to FB games!! Anyway, i went back to Ipoh early August to visit grandpa's grave, for his death anniversary. Since this year, Aunty is maidless, er .. every meal is eating out. To be honest... after 2nd day, i jelak already as sometimes the food can be quite oily.

We originally were "scheduled" to go Unique Seafood. In fact, my aunty "tim" my brother to belanja, ( *snicker* ) but then it rained and we were worried our grandma would have difficulties managing the walk across the car park. Bee Giak was choosen as the backup.

The rather empty restaurant of Bee Gaik at 12:30pm Ipoh time. Now, at 12:30 lunch, when we walked in, the restaurant seem rather empty. ( This being Ipoh ) and we were the first customer. Grandma loudly remarked "why is there nobody in the restaurant?" - *ROFL* ... Grandma is so droll at times. She may be spaced out sometimes but then she still has a keen sense of observation. When she requires it.

Bee Giak is quite an old establishment in Ipoh Selatan, been there since Ipoh Selatan popped up and i have been there a few times. Specializing in Nyonya cuisine ( hence the deco ) it also does some cantonese dishes.

We were quite full from breakfast and last night's din-din, we opted for noodles and fried rice, hoping it was light. I was so wrong. :( - the portions turned out pretty huge... when i am feeling rather full, i think my jaw dropped to the ground. ( like those in the anime cartoons ).

First up, braised Yee Mee.. This was rather yummy - actually it is my favorite dish from this restaurant. The mee is generous as you can see from the plate ... i thought i tasted lard... which makes it yummier but what mom says i should put in my post is .... er could do with better fish cakes. The fish cake that came with this dish was definitely frozen before and still had that "frozen" freezer taste. It would have been much better with homemade yue wat than frozen fish cakes. In mom's eyes, this could seriously improved.

My jaw dropped a few levels more when i saw the wat tan hor... aiyo... So big the bowl for 6 of us. :( *Eeek* I am just wondering how to finish this bowl of stuff. I think it could have fed 10 persons! Maybe they thought not many people are coming - so.. stuff us up at the same time! Plus i have never seen wat tan hor so soupy before. I like it with liquid but not that much. The noodles were alright but not enough wok hei in the noodles itself. We could not finish this dish definitely in the end.

After the large noodles, we finally had some fried rice. Oh.. the hole in the rice is what i did er before taking photographs of it. The smell of the rice was pretty nice, i guess they had enough wok hei here for the rice. But again, the serving is so large, we had to pack it back otherwise it goes to waste. I am not sure if you notice, lettuce and fried rice goes very well together!

Total for lunch was around RM70+ i think, and yes, my brother paid for the lunch. Hehehe. I think this place is alright. Good for certain dishes but must improve on size ( reduction that is ) and also making sure that ingredients used are fresh. Otherwise if it taste good in some but not in orders, it is a waste actually.

For those who are interested, bee gaik is located below:

10, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 11,
Taman Ipoh Selatan
Ipoh, Perak.


  1. aiks, never noticed they serve those rice and noodle dishes, as we mostly went for the nyonya dishes.

  2. Haven't been here before but it has been around for sometime.

  3. @j2kfm: got. it's just that i never order the rice dishes for some reason.
    @Jason: Same here. this is my once in a while restaurant!

  4. i like the picture of the nuts. On the first question - A**e**u*e is hiring! :)

  5. @CG: They accept old BAS or not? hahaha



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