Friday, 31 July 2009

I love Durians!

A rather short post for this weekend, since i am running back to me home town for some R&R. Or more like pretending to be a big brown lizard. Ipoh does that to me. Sends me to snooze land for some reason where i can catch some zzzzs while not eating. Anyway, in the course of the past few weeks, my family and i have been having "durian" parties.... Dad is a big fan of good durians and we were looking for a particular variety known as Udang Merah durian. This kind of durian has reddish color like cooked prawns but... our USJ14 stall did not have this instead recommended us - butter durian. My first response was - "eh?" Yup, i didnt know there is a type called butter durians.

Anyway before we hit the butter pictures, here a some local D24 pictures... I am beginning to notice that the torns in different varieties have different shapes as well...
Despite being a D24, the smell from these guys were pretty awesome. If my cousin and my cousin - in -law were around, they would be climbing trees by now already... Lol... they say it smells like a dead cat. Where got lah??

I am extremely fond of durians that have a slightly bitter and alcoholic taste compared to those which are extremely suit. I find i like those more as the years go by. Perhaps it is a sign of old age on my part.

And here is the man, i mean fruit of the hour.. The butter durian. The flesh color. Like butter. Yellow, creamy and .. smooth. And very fleshy - which means small seed. This really good! You must eat this after eating D24 according to the guy selling the durians. Well, i can't really tell the difference but this is good durian.

Think after 4-5 durians, we were quite full and traditionally we don't drink the water out of the durian shells. We drink 7-UP! Yes you heard me 7up. Drink 1/2 a glass and burp er your ... gases away. Better it is coming from up rather than bottom! lol!! Btw, the butter fellas are a bit more pricey than your normal durians.

Anyone around USJ14 over this weekend, check out the shop opposite the Petronas. Can't miss it. Smell wise and sight wise.


  1. `walio! tak ajak pun! lol!

  2. @BBO - Aiya forgot lah :P
    @Uli - my preference for this than the musang king

  3. I love this "King of Fruit" too...



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