Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pick & Brew - Cousins' gathering

Our group of cousins are small, mainly in my mom's family. We were more many years ago but, jobs, marriages and differences have seen some either moving overseas or some not talking to us... However, those of us who are close made it a point that we need to catch up once in a while (without the aunties). We were quite successfuly last year, once. This year we started the lunar new year with a meet up and plan to do this more frequently like every 2 months - provided there is an official organizer.

Do you think i could have this at home?

Our choice of location was Pick & Brew at One U because cousin was dying to try it previously but never got around to it. I am not sure but i notice P&B in One U is quite quiet. This is my second time here, and unlike other restaurants, it is not as packed. I am not sure why but i think the food is great and tasty so maybe it is the quiet corner. But it suits me fine, noisy and overcrowded restaurants sometimes kill the ambiance.

Since this was very close to post CNY, i was a bit hesitant for heavy food. You know, we are already chubby post CNY so .. i am a bit cautious to add to the chubbiness. To start of the meal, we ordered the prawn and avocado salad. Which i thought was pretty awesome in it's own way. Sometimes i am a bit hesitant with salads if they are sour but this was not, the avocado blended. And the prawns were fresh - goes pretty well with the other ingredients in the salad.

We ordered 2 mains which as their famous lasagne or famous in my books. This is the best ever i have eaten so far. I am not sure what they put in it that makes it tasty but it is really up in my books of good lasagna. Garfield would be proud. Even the cousins gave their thumbs up this is delicious. I must note though the size of the lasagne seems to have dropped. It used to be larger when i ate here a few months back... but it is slightly smaller now.

Secondly, seeing we had a beef dish, we ordered fish. Which is rare. In any case with my cousins. :) We opted for Oven baked snapper ( i think ) with oats - which sounded healthy and wow. I am actually blown away by this dish. Especially the veggie that was at the bottom. It's cheesy without being jelakky according to my cousins... yeah we like it too - some how or rather i hate eating too much jelakky food otherwise it's no fun :(

After the eating, we were still hungry ( guess why... ) so we ordered a brushetta with smoked salmon + dill.

We ordered a dessert to share which we were lucky we ordered only 1 because we started to feel pretty much full after that. The brownie was pretty decadent, enough for the 4 of us to share without going overboard.

Anyway, we cousins had a good time, many thanks to the helpful waiters in Pick N' Brew as well :) who entertained our many photo requests + spoons request - LOL. So, we decided we should to a monthly outing at least.... Our next choice? ... who knows... wait for the next post leh...

Pick N'Brew
Address: F233, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya


  1. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Oi. Pick & Brew is in BU (SEL) not TTDI KL lol.

  2. I like their pesto pasta. Thick enough to cling to the spaghetti but not rich or creamy. And there aren't much place serves pesto pasta by the way :)

  3. yummy dellicious, a great place to be! :)

  4. Jason: eh.... really? havent tried that yet, i keep eating lasagne here:

    BBO: Yeah, food is pretty nice here.



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