Friday, 27 February 2009

Obama my baby?

I am pretty much pooped out by work recently and have no energy to write long post but decided to do a silly post on my boy Russell... tee hee ... i obama-ed my baby boy.

This is him before he is obama-ed - doesn't his tusks look good :P and he does have the presidential look

And this is baby after being Obama-fied using this that was given by FF's hubby. Ok so it is not so clear as obama but hey... i was amused for a good 10 minutes.. LOL


  1. Yup, he's certainly one presidential looking dog. Those fangs are scary (but he has kind eyes). :-)

  2. Yeah his fangs remind me of a wild boar.... but he is a big softie at heart.

  3. He looks very inspirational. I will vote for him to replace my local representative if he can chase after robbers. :)



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