Monday, 9 March 2009

YogiTree - healthy food and tasty too

I have always been a fan of organic food having eaten pretty decent ones overseas and was quite pleased that Yogi Tree opened up in midvalley. For me, i love stuff healthy and tasty i must say. YogiTree has been there for a while but due to the fact that convincing my father to eat this is quite a task... i decided to torture my staff instead as well as a few close colleagues... I could imagine their suprise when i told them "We are eating organic food for A's farewell" and "all of you all don't have a choice".... the sounds of silence hit me. So much for respecting your supervisor. Anyway, they dutifully trouped a long and after some parking fights, we finally manage to get up to Yogitree.

I love the decor i must say. Since i am in the middle of looking for a place and also getting ideas for rooms.. i like the eclectic feel of the place. Nothing matches except for the color tone. Feels like a bedroom more than a restaurant.

Ordering was an issue for the 6 of us... so many choices left them all going @_@. I was like.... hmmmmmmmm.. Anyway, i told them since everyone wants to try everything, let's pick something each to try and we can all share. That went well, ... everyone selected one favorite and we were good to go. (Thank god, the portions turned out pretty huge )

It's lunch time but we had an order of english breakfast? Yes, some of us were still thinking of Cedele's of singapore and la bodega's breakfast ... *Grin* However, this seems to be a common favorite in a lot of my colleagues - breakfast at the strangest hours of the day. This is mind you halal version though. We were amused when after placing the order, the waiter proceeded to ask us how we want our eggs? Sunny side? Or poached or scrambled... [ way too many choices again -left this crowd confused - lol ]

Our must order of Salad, since i insisted on organic food, it would not be an organic food experience without a salad. And my choice was duck and pear salad. Who knows that such a combination was so tasty? The pear sweetness blended in with the duck's gamey taste . And the sauce - thankfully not sour. This was quite a favorite for all of us.. ( oh good, everyone likes veggie besides ff and me ).

Then came our mushroom fantasy. For some reason mushrooms were a favorite today and since it's boss who is treating - hey why not call for Portobello mushroom pasta. This dish is quite nice despite the fact i do not like creamy food stuff. One of the reasons is this really does not feel creamy and the texture of the pasta is not like the normal kind. My thumbs up on this dish. The mushrooms give the pasta a nice smell as well. There is also no "jelakky" feeling that other cream dishes had.

VK's order of mushroom and cheese 0pen sandwhich was next. Also a crowd favorite. Nice cheese and with mushrooms.Our final order for the day and possibly the largest- is the paella which we thought was actually small but turned out to be a size of a wok... All eyes popped when they saw this dish coming. Peppered with a lot of seafood and spices and rice, this was quite a refreshing dish. Btw, ....this is a really huge dish. It's shareable.

One of the ladies picked out the dessert which was a peach and banana crumble. I detect a slight use of wheatmeal here and despite the fact i do not like bananas, this tasted not bad. But the men in the team finished it off as usual. We were quite stuffed after the paella.

I must say Yogitree is a refreshing change of restaurants after all the oily, piggy places i have been too or other normal restaurants that i have eaten. Despite calling it organic healthy food, it was tasty and those who think healthy food is not tasty - think again! We did not feel the over stuffed feeling we usually get if there is oily or fatty food present - but still please practice moderation folks.

Anyone who wants to check out Yogitree, here you go: ( they sell yoga apparel as well here )
Lot F-237B,
1st Floor,
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur


  1. The mushroom pasta is a bit too creamy huh from it's outlook?

  2. Gosh, it's been a while I didn't step into Gardens.

  3. mimi: actually it wasnt - i didnt get that jelak feeling i usually have from creamy pasta

    Jason: step into gardens lah.. eh maybe we all should meet up!!

  4. will definitely drop by this place next time :)
    I miss the Gardens and MV ;(

  5. Christine: when you come back to malaysia lah :) and sure there will be more restaurants....!

  6. wow i notice your photos look great!



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