Saturday, 21 February 2009

Seng Kee @ Petaling Street

I think food brings people together and one day i found my user, ( whom i support ... in my line of work but not what you all think -_-") is a foodie himself and a pork lover. He suggested for me and FF to go to Petaling Street. ( This is the first time after working so long in KL Sentral i have seen ff go petaling street - kekeke )
Keep walking till you see Kau Lee

So we trouped along obediently to the LRT and hopped out at Central Market and walked about a good 5 minutes. At one point, i thought we are not going to stop walking... and sweating... until finally my friend went -AHA!! ... Think FF and i sighed with relief when he said that.

One thing you must note, if you have a sensitive nose like mine, though the new seng kee is much cleaner than it's previous place, there is a prevailing smell that is a bit strong... but after settling down and all i got used to the smell. Could be the perfume of petaling street. I swore my nose twitched when i smelt it. Also, bringing out a big assed camera in a predominantly very old crowd and very chinese crowd was quite intimidating in my books. Yes, floggers are strange creatures in Petaling Street.

The waitress was direct not your usual nice and polite ones but not unfriendly either - handed us a rather long and large menu. We were here to try the claypot loh shee fun ( which this is my second time trying ) and then i spotted - aha! Sang Har meen. Must order! Garlic Siew Yoke - Must Order! Lol, there are only 3 of us - but our eyes and stomach was huge. Finally we settled on 2 dishes, a veg and a meat dish and a order of Chrsyantheneum tea. The drink was pronounced - ... good for those on diabetic treatment....

Our first order of Garlic Siew Yoke,,, ooh - the smell..... yummy... And looks yummy as well. Both my user and i just continued nibbling away non stop -it was just addictive. Only thing i think could make it better is that pieces are bigger ( like those in Vintry ) and also less fried then it will be much better. You should get those with a mixture of garlic and pork - oOoOh... porky heaven. If you had beer, i think the experience would be also quite orgasmic. Lol. I wonder... if Vintry's version was an upgrade of this - caramelized Siew Yoke is in my books of the best ever creation.

Ah... the star of the day is the Loh Shee Fun claypot noodles or Rat's tail noodles - frankly i prefer the chinese names. Some how or rather when you say rat's tail i imagine their pink tails - GROSS.... In fact.. in this color they look like FAT lizard tails! oh noes....! It comes PIPING hot and with a rather raw egg in the middle. You need to furiously stir it ( in this case the honor goes to FF ) with the rest of the ingredients to get a good mix. It's like when i was young, my grand ma used to make this rice version of egg in claypot. Piping hot rice, with some meat + raw egg and furiously stir - awesome in taste. I must say i like this version better than the one i had in Sri Kembangan. It's less oily in my books and i like the taste. The serving is quite ok for 3 persons. ( by this time, the smell i was talking about is completely lost on me )

My other favorite - Sang Har Meen.. ... it's a must have. I am not sure what and how this is cook but this is pretty good and it must be done right. The prawns - large and fresh. The noodles, though look suspiciously like yee meen instead of wan tan noodles... but then again who cares if it tastes this good.

One for the road picture

Wah, i almost forgot the veggie dish, nothing really special just kai lan and garlic to balance off the meat we've been having. Not bad, it tastes very clear after the other dishes. Obligatory dish but no less healthy

i must say i will come back for more, and it is relatively cheap. Also showed my friends, where good bkt yee meen was found and that would be our next stop - only thing i don't like about Petaling Street is you constantly have to look out for your handbag - so just be careful. Or... you can get a cheap LV in the process ... ... such distractions...

Now the only problem - heck i have no idea where the shop is... only thing i can tell you it is the same row as KFC in Petaling street also the road where you can find alot of decorations for CNY/ Christmas and where Living Cabin is! Oh, someone told me it's near the place where you want to get good dates for wedding etc.... er... something like that. What a wonderful food blogger i am.... lol - anyway.. good weekend ahead everyone, i must rest my cold...


  1. tempting photos, i know where KFC is... so i guess i know where this shop is :)

  2. I love the fried roast pork too...

  3. Vivien: heh.. yeah not so difficult to find

    mimi: yeah it was yummy couldnt stop eating

  4. oh my.. everything looks so delicious. would love to try the garlic siew yoke definitely!! :)

  5. I know where's KFC. I think I been here before but couldn't notice the name (banana mah).

  6. Christine: long time no see! Yeah u must try their garlic siew yoke, it comes with a noodle version

    Jason: You also banana like me? heheheh sama gang.



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