Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Jimbaran Seafood in Bali

These days posting is a bit scarce as work takes a bit of time. After my babi berguling, there is not a lot of posts. Well i have been eating but then posting takes a bit of a backseat in my long 12 hour days ( or more ) ... to relax today i thought i post on the Jimbaran Seafood I had in Bali.

Monkey(guts of steel) on a perch - Uluwatu

Kecak - a replay of Ramayana

One of the most do things in Bali is to eat in Jimbaran. Jimbaran is pretty close to Kuta, a good 10 minutes away by car and it is pretty near the airport, because 1/2 way eating i see a plane flying across..... You don't hear it, only see it gracefully taking off. After the trip to watch the Kecak, the next thing definitely was dinner. I was sweating it out in the car that day and was looking forward to the cool breeze of the sea. Point to note - don't go to Bali year end. WAY TOOOOOOOOO HOT.

Our tour to Uluwatu included dinner @ jimbaran as part
of the package. Now, i am not being picky because the prices in Jimbaran costs a bomb. Everything starts in 250,000. So my eyes were popping out at some point. The tour agent allocated a set for us ( me and bro ) and without much brainpower all we had to do was wait for food.

Jimbaran is one long stretch of beach filled with restaurants between the hotel and the main thing they sell is seafood. Grilled Seafood is the tops on the menu. So how would you know which is good or not, suspect there is no real difference because each shop was packed

Now if you choose the set, you can't change the items in the set but you can add on. Kitteh here only added a avocado drink. I heard so much of it from my friends that i had to try it. And this is my virgin try of avocado drink. Who knew that a fruit that graces our salad is
so tasty as a drink.

Sadly to say i am severly addicted to this drink. It's sweet, is cold and smooth. I like the smooth creamy flavour of Avocado. Subsequently i had about 3-4 times of my stay in Bali. I is going t be a fat kitty soon. Jimbaran's version includes chocolate sauce. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummy. And on a hot day this was a good thirst quencher.

While waiting for my food to arrive, alot of time is spent... taking pictures. Yes - was playing around with my camera. And one thing. It's damn dark in Jimbaran. With this kind of candle, i could hardly see what i was eating.

Finally my food arrived. There is rice, ( of course) 2 prawns, some sotong, a big piece of fish and 2 mussels. There is chilli to go along with this. It's the best chilli sauce ever. Has raw onions with chilli and lime juice. Goes so well with the fish and seafood. So what did i think of the grill food? Not bad. The fish was excellent and it was really a big piece. I finished the lot up.

The squid was a bit chewy but still tasty enough for me to "chew". Prawns was not bad, walloped without comments and the mussel. Sorry left untouched by me. Not a fan of shellfish.

Overall, i only paid for my avocado drink. Other than that, part of the package. If you feel still hungry, you can always catch one of the corn sellers who bbq corn on the beach. Had i more time, i would have made a second trip back to Jimbaran to try other restaurants on my own. Can't really remember the name of this place, but i think it is called Langsam. Don't give the Jimbaran restaurants a miss. If you are lucky, some one will come up and serenade you but you must pay! So much for romance. And oh, they only look for kwailohs. Lol. Well saved me some rupiahs.


  1. Jimbaran seafood is a must at Bali huh.... I had a pleasant experience there too :)

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