Saturday, 20 December 2008

Choong Toon Kee @ TTDI

Cheap eats! Yes in economic crisis these days, you need to find places that are not so pricey on the pocket but still get something nice to eat. TK Chong is one of those places you can go to without busting your wallet and get a decent meal. Unfortunately this is only a lunch business. My family and i went there a few days after i came back from bali. Personally, it was a pretty hot day for me and eating hot noodles was not top of my priority. But the soup is a welcome for my throat and nose since i was ( and still am ) suffering from a very bad flu since my trip to Bali.

tk chong is located opposite the market in TTDI and must warn you. Come early. The place packs up quickly after 12pm. It's pretty decent in cleanliness though i wouldnt want to venture to the back bits to spoil my viewpoint. And this place is plainly Simple. See the utensils? Wear and tear. By the way, chilli is a must in chicken rice. Adds kick to the taste. It's even better if the chilli is chopped and topped with some lime juice.

Ok folks, this place only sells chicken, with noodles or rice, or with dumplings and add on beansprouts. Think of it as the loh wong of KL. You can choose combinations of chicken + noodles ( plain ) or ipoh hor fun ( with shredded chook + prawns ) or chicken + rice.I am not sure if they have roasted chicken, but i clearly remembered steam chicken.

Chicken rice is an asian must have. I mean countries as far as Australia, or even in US might have this rendition of Hainese Chicken Rice. Personally i think this is the ultimate comfort food. Food you can identify with as being Chinese! You can't be chinese if you don't like this.

Mom didn't want to eat a plate of chicken with us ( that's normal ) because she'd prefer her chicken shredded and skinless. I only wanted chicken breast ( yes that's the only bit
i like to eat ) while dad wanted drumstick... So in the end, mom had her bowl of hor fun while the rest of shared a funny looking plat of chicken with breast meat and drumstick only. Oh and a side order of dumplings please. I think's its' siu gau.

A shot of the chicken for 3 persons. I think that's oyster sauce!

The chook is not bad smooth, but personally i like roast chicken better. Sometimes the pale skin freaks me out a bit. And luckily it is not too fat. Loh Wong's one in ipoh is s
uch a fat laden chicken, you spend time trying to defat the chicken rather than eat it.

For me, be it in loh wong or other chicken rice shops, tau geh is a must. And even so if the place claims it is the Ipoh Hor fun place. Ipoh sprouts are fatter, crunchier and just plain nicer than the skinny KL ones. When i go back to my home town, normally we will get some back and cook it for the next day. Must be the water in Ipoh.

Our order of Dumplings. Ok it is Siu Gau. Not bad. I like. Frankly i like siu gau of any form. So no complains here. But ... i just notice this. They strangely look like wet tissue in this photo! Gross!! hehehe. I tried the soup and didn't give me any MSG reaction later. So means - not too much MSG here.

All in all, + drinks, this cost us less than RM50. And 4 full kittehs that day. Sometimes you can pay more than 40 but still do not feel full.

The Locale: (can't miss this place, it has a bright yellow sign )
Restaurant Choong Tong Kee,
Jalan Wan Kadir 1
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur


  1. I like to eat chicken skin as long as they r not fat :P

  2. LOL at Mimi's comment. :)

    I prefer roasted chicken too, maybe because the seasoning/marinade is there.

  3. i just dun like skin. Unless it is fried! but the chook is quite smooth!

  4. We wish you jolly good New Year and more eating and more reviews and more postings . . . . from us, Sidney & Sunny

  5. BBO!! Aiyo long time no catch up thanks for the holiday greetings! must catch up sometime



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