Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Malaysian Mensa Hunt - Planet Green

I just came back from the Malaysian Mensa Society hunt - themed as Planet Green and frankly i am bushwhacked. Bushwhacked but yet happy... Why? We got 23 PLACING!! :) even though we did not score the highest but it is 1) top 25 teams - which we just SQUEEZD in 2) Hey it's mensa hunt and all 4 of us are NOT mensa members - but have pretty ok brains sometimes 3) Our scores are for once - 100+ above! Miracle! I think our Sun Hunt we didnt even score that high. 4) Hey - for once - the First page Questions all right. Big achievement as well.

The CoC is Lawrence Hie and i have not hunted with lawrence before. Walking Contradiction told me he is another mr anagram and can be very geeky - likes facts and general knowledge. Luckily, our general knowledge is not so bad. CG ( the not so ok navigator in previous hunts -lol ) is actually a walking dictionary of knowledge for some items so we have a good balance for this round.

We started off the hunt - since this is a green hunt by - giving 20kgs and more of newspaper for WWF. I am quite impressed that everyone actually contributed a lot more. Yay WWF :) Animal conservation has always been a little closer to my heart than anything else. However - the rest of the hunt was like a bit gloomy because of the weather - it was pretty wet initially and secondly one of our team mates looked as if he had a potential tummy problem ( ahem - i hope he doesnt mind me saying this ) but then later all was well. He recovered enough for a fairly large portion of lunch as well *snicker*.

I must admit i was a bit petrified by the Mensa hunt. Why - hmm never really thought i was that brainy and i thought the questions were tough. In fact - i find that our team has this very funny tendency to overanalyse things. Yes we all do! Sometimes it turn out to be the simplest thing and it is blatantly starring in front of us.That having said, in some points when we let-go a bit the answers came a little bit clearer for us. One good example for us was the eclectic.quintessential.bold. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Then of couse we have our really - " i have no clue what is the answer" situations and resort to our tried and tested method - TEMBAK. When in doubt - TEMBAK. Lol - sometimes you get it sometimes you don't.

This time a round i think we need to pay more attention to the treasures. We were careless - partly due to my fault - though we know the answer - but heck didnt read the clue where it gave a brand indication - FIRST CHOICE. *SMACKS my head * - i could be sacked from treasure buying already. I lost 8 POINTS here...

Anyway, there were some funny moments along the way - like when we saw this business called INTERCOS. Say it out a loud without looking at the words - got the whole car LTAO ( laughing their ass off ).

After a good lunch by our standards, we got our answers though we waited quite long... Am pleased we did fairly well. It's my first hunt with Walking Contradiction after Atmah hunt and it was good to catch. Well i think my family enjoy the spoils of hunt more than i do. The apple juice we got ( yes we did get apple juice) was met with some glee at home.

Oh... time to thank the supporting crew of FF/ LiL bro ( who was suprisingly good natured this morning ) and MC for offline support. I think i need to get a small note book next time so they can "koon" in the morning.. Oh. And Michael Pang's team is number 1 again :P


  1. good job!!! does that mean i am fired :-) and even need to justify any small mention of a "supporter" role as I woke up really late ahem ... but of course, moral support all there... (maybe its a good excuse as i need to "concentrate" on brainless things next year, heheh!)

  2. No lah, i think i am going to be fired next- lost 8 POINTS HAHAHAHA.



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