Saturday, 18 October 2008

Wan Hou Steamboat

After seeing KY's post on Wan Hou steamboat, i dragged, i mean requested my family to go to try this out. Can you imagine i have been living in Subang for about almost 10 years and didn't notice this place till KY's post. Really. I am quite hopeless when looking for places to eat within Subang itself.

Anyway, since family is a fan of steamboat since way back, they gleefully agreed. Mind you, in ipoh that used to be a great place to eat steamboat but sadly they have disappeared. Every trip back, my late grandpa used to organize a session at these places. That was such a long time ago!

Wan hou is really opposite Metropolitan college. Right across the road next to a few rows of bkt shops. And it is aircon - but pretty small in terms of shops space. Roughly you can sit about 10 tables of 4. So it's not very big and not too great for large crowds.

The place is clean and very organized. Immediately when i sat down the waiteress from a foreign land quickly brought the menu. You can either choose the set or pick ala-carte. Father was adventurous that day ... he decided ala-carte and it's not a bad choice if you want to be able to order the stuff you like for steamboat. Otherwise - you could just go for the set which has a bit of e

Could you see my dad grinning behind there...

Now, the hot pot was brought to us and soup started bubbling. The waitresses brough our ala carte order. There are many choices bout our order was of veggie fishball, fishball, PORKBALLS :), prawns ( only given 3 each), dumplings ( these were good ) and fish wrapped with veggie. We had veggie but i did not take many pictures of it.

We had one order of fish dumpling. The stuff @ wan hou is quite nice actually none of those pre-processed stuff you get from some steamboat places. You can tell it's fresh and home made. I must say, the pork balls are to die for. I love this stuff!! I could eat another plate of it on my own. As for the fish stuff in the first picture. Good as well! Again it's fresh and tasty. Soup wise it was a little bit light but once you add in all the stuff it tastes nice and not too peppery for my liking. I didnt find myself thirsty after drinking the soup.

We ordered some bee hoon + emperor noodles to go with this and ater you have boiled everything with the soup. However for 4 persons, you need to order 2 bee hoon sets other wise it is not enough.

For those interested you can try Wan Hou @
restoran wan hou seafood steamboat
14, jalan ss14/2,
47500 subang jaya.

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  1. sure good for the kind of weather we have here at this moment, raining everyday!

  2. Not in set like what v normally get in steamboat restaurant?

  3. Ooo pork balls pork balls!!!

  4. Did you notice that many eateries in Ipoh closed down? Such pity...

  5. bbo: yeah, very cosy feeling ^_^

    mimi: similar only with aircon!

    ky: Yeah, yeah! them's awesome

    jason: yeah i know - ipoh really had good places to eat ( they still have ) but some classic ones are gone!

  6. omg the pork balls are so damn good. big, tangy and juicy! i see that wan hou is really gaining popularity after KY's post :D

  7. Yiling: KY is probably going to get commission after this. *hehe*



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