Saturday, 11 October 2008

Home made kon loh meen

My mother gets alot of air time on my blog... :) she's asking for her cut in nuffnang ads money- lol. Sometimes when i run out of things to write ( there are times i am lazy to go out and eat ) she becomes a good source of food pictures. Many years back when i was younger mom used to make a wide array of food. She now cuts it down a bit due to health reasons but once in a while she makes us things that were not so healthy for us! However, she is still a good cook and i look forward to home cook meals alot. ( Besides the fact it is also cheaper *giggle* )

Sometimes on saturday- she makes alot of noodle dishes. Noodles are her specialities. Her mom, my ah por-por makes good noodles as well and the legacy is handed down. Yeah, at her level - it stopped at mine. One day she decided to make dry noodles - i am not sure what this really called but she just say it is wantan noodles with pork sauce.

Noodles are not self made here but purchased at Taman Tun wet market. To make delicious noodles, you need good quality noodles and methods of cooking does play a part here. And the methods of cooking is different from Maggi mee style. Cooking chinese noodles require dipping into hot water followed by cold water than back into hot again. Not really sure why but it makes the texture of the noodles better. Too long in hot water makes it too soft so the dip in cold water makes it firmer again. Correct? Any see fu who knows this?

There are many ways to create the accompaniments to the noodles. Sometimes she will cook her own char siew to add to this. One of her more favourite style is pork/chicken meat minced with chinese mushrooms. You need to fry all the ingredients first then thicken the sauce with dark soy sauce, light soy sauce a bit of sugar and some oyster sauce. Pour it on the noodles to serve. The sauce tastes pretty well with bihun or kuay teow. I definitely like mine with pork than chicken.

Anyway the simplest meals sometimes are the best. I wonder if mom wants to set up a restaurant ... hmm......


  1. Looks good ... :)

    What % are you giving to your mom?? :)

  2. We can add whatever ingredient if we cook our wonton mee :)

  3. hahahahah can I have some air time in your blog too? lol!

  4. amelyn:... 30% probably :P

    mimid3vils: yups. i definitely prefer mine with charsiew.

    bbo: can... can.... hehehe



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