Sunday, 5 October 2008

Canton-i - i may not come back again

When one writes about food at times - we don't expect good food all the time to crop up. Unfortunately i think i have been hit with the not so good food review. Last weekend, we had to get some stuff from One U and we decided to try new places there. New as in, we have never eaten before as a family. With such fussy eaters in my family ( one wants less fat, one does not like to try new things, one who does not want to eat the same stuff every week [ that would be me ], and one who is just plain fussy ) eating can be a chore in my family.

We thought we will try the place called Canton-I after seeing that is is packed. And we thought it was like the place C-Jade express with all it's roasted meats so it cannot be that bad right? Well, it is not to say completely bad, i just expected better. And to say there is a long queue infront of this place, sometimes i just wonder if my taste buds are really ... not in place as others.

After braving a rather short queue we got our places in the middle of the restaurant. Dad was already browsing at the siew yoke that was going past but he was a bit disheartened to find no roast pork + rice on the menu. Poor dad. We had to sit in a table between 2 others and frankly i find this place a bit too crowded for me. Dining, i find you must have space so that you can converse but then being so close proximity to other tables sometimes i don't want to hear other people's conversation in during my lunch.

Nevertheless - we placed our orders and waited for it to be served. In the mean time, i did some observation of the decoration here. If it werent' for the space actually i found the purple interior pretty attractive. I know what to do with my blank walls in future!

Heck, if my plastic leaves are no longer useful on my plastic tree, i will hang up like this and get instant autumn!
Well soon our orders arrived. Service is pretty fast. Only thing is, people don't speak cantonese here, so i did spend alot of time going - excuse me? Or looking a bit lost in the restaurant - thank god for the head waiter who could understand cantonese.

Hello exxon valdez! was my first thought when i saw my dumpl
ing noodles - gosh, the amount of oil floating on top is a bit hair raising. Check it out! No doubt you can't do without oil but that is quite a lot below floating around. Dumplings were good though - lots of prawns. Noodles wise - not too bad but pretty strong in kan siu. How did i know? A good 1/2 hour after the meal, my tummy decided to party like there is no tomorrow. Luckly JJ has fruit juices that i can down to counter the effects of the Kansui. Sigh.

Brother had the dry version of mine. Which he said was ok, which translated means - not too good not too bad. Not something he will say it is really great.

Two noodle picks that did not reach this blog is the char siew noodles and the braised beef noodles. Faired better than bro and mine. Mom says the char siew is really good. Which is true, cause i read a few other blogger's comments that the char siew is pretty nice here. Dad says the beef was quite nice as well though a bit small for his liking.

Luckily we had dim sums ordered to fill in the "small" portion noodles. First up - Foong Chau or Chicken feet ( the not so nama glamor for this ). I don't really heart this, but parents like chicken feet anyway so this is definitely on their order list. However, when the dish was put infront of me, i detected a very strong pepper smell which dad confirmed was present in the chook feet. Probably to get rid of feet odor i presume. ( sorry bad joke )

We are on a prawn frenzy by ordering har gau after all the dumplings. I am quite disappointed with this dish. One reason is the thickness of the skin. Har gau skin must be not too thick and not too thinbut this was just thick. And the prawn had this weird taste that i don't really fancy. I am also quite used to eating dim sum with chilli sauce or sweet sauce. They don't seem to have it here and offered me maggi chilli sauce which was pretty strange with this combination.

The siu mai didnt fair so well with me either or any of us either. Though it looks nice, taste wise it was bland. I am not sure what is inside though, i thought usually this is made of pork/ shrimps all mushed up but this just tasted funny.

Another of parents favorite dim sums stalls, pork ribs and black beans. Not my favourite as well - but they seem to like it. ( so you see who is the fuss pot in the family here is )

I did notice a lot of people going for a few things here which means these could be possibly nice stuff to eat and my current choice of order was not the right one like : Porridge, egg tarts and siew yoke. Perhaps i should come back and try that later and give the noodles a miss. One more thing that makes this place not so attractive for me - price wise - this lunch costs us close to RM100. Quite a shocker for me. For those who like to challenge the norm and still come here :) do find the adds below:

G-208, Second Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03- 77297888


  1. mari kita ramai2 meriahkan lg mjls hr ry thn ini. dsertakan jgk list rmh terbuka slrh dunia;

    jk anda ada info lain, sila emailkan lmn web ATAU no telnya ke ATAU sms +60128624623 segera!

    thx... semua d jmpt hdr & jgn malu2

    apa komen anda psl video d bwh ini;

    maaflah TUN... drkm pun ms tgh kecewa, lpr, malu & mrh! ampunkan, x?

  2. were there twice over past 2 weeks for "family" occasions. thought the food was quite nice. Something like an upscale kim gary / hongkie char chan teng. Tonnes of people during weekends no seats. my old man thinks it's free. My mom freaked out with the giant sotong hanging in front ask me not to order.

    And don't bother booking. These ppl don't give a damn when you reach there and asked me to wait or split tables, although eventually they'll succumbed - if you wait!

  3. don't you find the place expensive?? Yeah the sotong did look a bit plasticky!



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